Friday, July 28, 2017

Congress Votes for Armageddon

The fanatical, Russia-hating chickenhawks in Congress have just passed a bill that demands sanctions be placed on Russia for defending itself, Iran for carrying out the acts that the previous administration was praised for allowing it to carry out, and North Korea out of a fanatical desire to start a nuclear war and impose on China's sphere of influence. All of five people, two Senators and three Representatives, opposed the bill: Justin Amash, John Duncan, and Thomas Massie in the House, and Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders in the Senate.

As Daniel McAdams from the Ron Paul Institute astutely points out:

The House and Senate passed "Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act" now goes to President Trump's desk, where he faces a damned if he does and damned if he doesn't scenario. A veto would certainly be over-ridden, handing the president a bitter bi-partisan blow that would likely end whatever aspirations he may retain to keep his campaign promises to get along better with Russia. Similarly, signing the bill signs a death warrant for any foreign policy different than the one served up by the neocons for decades: create enemies; push war propaganda; collect massive checks from military industrial complex; demonize any American refusing to go along; repeat, adding bombs as necessary.

Along with the fiasco going on with Jeff Sessions and the whole Russia collusion bullshit (in CNN's own words) the deep state seems like it may be too powerful for Trump to uproot. All that's left now is to take take a page from Constantine's playbook and do to the deep state what was done to the Praetorian.

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