Thursday, May 4, 2017

Trump's Bloated Obama-Sized Budget

Congress passed a gigantic $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill that gives the Dems everything they want and more and gives we the people nothing that Trump promised.

Taxes keep funding Unplanned Parenthood selling baby body parts and lying about other services they outsource to other clinics, sanctuary cities get to keep their federal funding too, $100 million is being spent to counter "Russian propaganda", and yet not one dime is allocated for the wall. All of the billions of dollars of spending cuts Trump promised not only vanished, most of the programs Trump said he would cut will see spending increases!

The Dems huffed and puffed and threatened filibuster and the Republicrats caved and gave the Dems more than they wanted. And then the Republicrats declared this a bi-partisan victory since they got their bloated military spending.

This is not over 9,000D chess, this is not some stealth plan to drain the swamp, Trump is the swamp. Either that or Trump is impotent, take your pick.