Friday, October 2, 2015

Homeless Man in Anchorage uses Homemade Spear to Kill Bear

The title says it all. He killed a bear with a spear he made and he has no home. The bear was stealing his food so rather than be a pussy and ask the government to help he killed it with a spear he made out of garbage.

David Tandler is a 49 year old man living in the woods. He killed a bear in self defense and the wildlife agency said that was perfectly legal. What is not legal is the fact that he is homeless. Apparently the "war on poverty" was not a stupid slogan, it is a literal war against poor people.

The story says he was at an "illegal campsite". He's fucking homeless, cut him a break. Where do you want him to live, the Ritz hotel? He's living in the woods because he has nowhere else to go. The government already took everything else he had, now they want to take his tent away and charge him money for daring to sleep on their precious dirt:

"Tandler was issued a $310 citation for negligent feeding of wildlife because food and garbage was present at the illegal camp site and that is what attracted the bears. The camp was already under orders to be dismantled when the incident happened. Those living in camps have several days to clear their belongings before officials step in and do it."

Let the man sleep on your fucking dirt. Are you afraid you'll run out of room in the forest that you have to kick a homeless man off the unused wilderness? It's not like he's sleeping in the parking lot of the capitol building, he's in the woods, harming no one. Leave him be.