Thursday, October 20, 2016

Bill Clinton's Alleged Son's Press Conference

Donna Brazile Caught In Giant Lie

WikiLeaks proved the Hillary campaign received a debate question prior to the debate. When Gyno Kelly put her feet to the fire, Donna Brazile, head of the DNC, turns into some holy roller and talks so much bullshit in an attempt to deflect the question. "Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! Good Lard! You're a thief in the night! Those emails revealing the grossly illegal things the DNC is doing were STOLEN, and that's a violation of one of the commandments! Get thee behind me, Satan!"

No one talks like that.

Fact-Checking Hillary Clinton's Presidential Debate Lies

Clinton is the biggest liar in the history of the world, and the most corrupt person to ever run for president.

Possible Voids in the Pyramid

Scientists working for the Scan Pyramids Project used muon detectors to discover two potential unknown voids within the Great Pyramid.

According to the statement, one void is located on the north face of the pyramid behind an area where four building blocks with "chevron" designs (an inverted v-shaped pattern) are visible. The chevrons would not have been visible in ancient times, as the designs would have been covered with casing stones that were stripped off the pyramid centuries ago. In addition, another void was discovered on the northeast corner of the pyramid about 344 feet (105 m) above the ground.

Zahi Hawass, who was the number 3 man in Egypt under Mubarak, says that there's no story here, nothing to see, move along. He says these people "Are scientists, not Egyptologists", so you should ignore the results of the scientific aparatus because Egyptology is a religion, and the official dogma of the religion says there are nothing unknown about the pyramids, because that throws into question Hawass' omniscience, which, as number 3 man, we dare not question.