Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Bill Clinton with No Cigar

20 years ago Bill Clinton proposed immigration and welfare programs that are exactly like what Donald Trump is proposing today. You can think of Donald Trump as 1995 Bill Clinton with no cigar.

20 years ago these policies received overwhelming, bi-partisan support.

Today these very same policies are decried as racialist by hardcore communists in both political parties, the MSM, and in academia.

So, what's the difference?

It's only racialist when you oppose the Clinton machine. No one accused Donald Trump of being racialist until he ran against Clinton.

There's something more. The Overton Window. You probably know what the Overton Window is. It is the range of ideas that are socially acceptable. If you want to go from Pax Americana to full-blown communism you can't do it, people will burn you at the stake. You have to gradually move society, reaching the goal of communism after 43 years (it helps when you federalise education). So you propose a Department of Education. You don't want communism, you just want national standards for schools. And people go along because "it's for the children". And you raise taxes, "for the children", and you let tens of thousands of Cuban immigrants in "for the Cuban children". Eventually you can move the window of acceptable ideas so far you've arrived at communism. Now, in the current year, tens of millions of people are rabid, dyed in the wool, foaming at the mouth communists, and they'll kill you if you even mention 1950. You can't mention anything that made America great without being accused of racialism or other bullshit non-arguments (being racialist isn't the same as being wrong). That's why you don't notice getting older, because it happens so gradually.

In 1996 no one would accept class hatred, white hatred, male hatred, Christian hatred as acceptable for politicians to even mention, let alone use as the entirety of their political platform. No one would have accepted taking in 30 million illegals, depressing wages through work visas, trade deals that close down thousands of factories that used to employ the Democrat base and favor countries like China who make trillions through currency manipulation. No one would accept letting in millions of terrorists from Syria, no one would accept giving rioters "space to destroy". In 1996 someone would have knocked your teeth out if you suggested doing any of that. But, over 20 years, the range of acceptable ideas has shifted, very gradually, and now millions of people believe words like "racialist" are the only arguments they need.

The Clintons had to sell border security, and work for welfare, and marriage between a man and a woman, not because they believed any of it, they don't believe in anything but the way the wind is blowing. They had to sell what the American people would buy so that they could stay in power. Now that there are 50 million cultural Marxists in America, whose minds have been rotted by Ritalin and the worst public education in the developed world, the Clintons can bray "racialist!" "homophobe!" "Islamophobe!" and they know tens of millions of people will vote for them.