Sunday, January 15, 2017

How 4Chan Totally Discredited The CIA

Ye may have heard of this Pissgate scandal that's been going around. It's led Donald Trump calling CNN "fake news" and has totally discredited the CIA once and for all. Here's the story:

People on 4Chan's /pol/ decided to create ridiculous stories about how Donald Trump is anti-Obama for the lulz.

One of these stories was had Donald Trump go to a hotel (it wasn't originally in Russia) and he asked for the room where Obama had previously slept in. He then brought a couple of hookers to the room and had them piss on the bed to desecrate the bed Obama had slept in. Over time the hotel and the hookers became Russian.

Someone then decided to send these obviously fake stories to Rick Wilson, a GOP consultant and outspoken Nevertrumper. There's an ongoing war between Wilson and 4Chan. They made jokes about him, he insulted them on TV as sexual deviants, and then it came out that Wilson's son likes to piss on women during sex. With a background like that it seemed obvious to send Wilson a fake story about Trump sharing in Wilson's son's paraphilia.

Wilson takes the stories the trolls sent him and gives them to Evan "Egg McMuffin" McMullin, another neocon, anti-Russian nevertrumper. Egg McMuffin then gave it to John McCain, the biggest warmonger in the history of the world. One of these two men started calling the shitposts a "dossier" because that makes it sound legitimate. They also added the Russians into the story as a pretext for war against Russia. McCain then gives the shitpost "dossier" to the CIA and they accept it as absolute fact, just like the FBI accepted the DNC's word that they had been hacked by the Russians without ever looking at the servers.

Someone in the CIA then leaks the shitpost "dossier" to fake news outlet Buzzfeed and CNN, who published stories about an alleged MI6 super spy who had uncovered damning evidence of Trump's connection to the FSB and his liaisons with Russian hookers in a Moscow hotel.

The people behind the original shitposts came out and revealed that it was all a prank, and the fake news agencies doubled down on their claims that this super spy had uncovered "unverified and potentially unverifiable” information about Trump being a racialist and a Russian agent. Trump then held a press conference where he called Buzzfeed garbage and said CNN was fake news.

Buzzfeed it totally inconsequential. Nobody has ever heard of them and nobody cares who they are. They're some extreme far left blog that nobody of any consequence reads. The fact that CNN defended the story proves that they are the epitome of fake news. They are propaganda of the level of Pravda of the Soviet Union.

The fact that the CIA, an intelligence organisation with a budget of tens of billions of dollars, actually accepted shitposts as a credible intelligence source totally, and permanently discredits them as an intelligence organisation now and for all time. Anything they say about Russian hackers, or anything else for that matter, is not to be believed. If they're willing to believe THIS they're willing to believe anything as long as it bolsters their agenda (which is decidedly anti-Trump and anti-Russia).

And that's all the fake news that's apparently fit to print.

The Oklahoma City Deception - Part 2

Were Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols Al Qaeda sleeper agents?

Fact: 22 eyewitnesses identified former Iraqi Republican Guard Hussain Hashem Al-Hussaini at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building on the day of the bombing along with Timothy McVeigh.

Fact: Terry Nichols visited Manila several times in 1994 at the same time Ramzi Yousef, mastermind of the 1993 WTC bombing, was in the city planning future attacks.

Fact: After returning from the Philippines, Nichols and McVeigh, who had previously been complete failures at making explosives, managed to construct a truck bomb that was very similar to the bomb Yousef used at the WTC.

Fact: Elements within the US intelligence community did not want to pursue investigating Islamic terrorism after the twin disasters in 1993 of the WTC bombing and the debacle in Mogadishu.

Investigative reporter Jayna Davis was assigned the task of looking into the Oklahoma City bombing the day of the attack. Over the years she found connections to Al Qaeda and Iraqi sleeper agents in the US, along with a plot by elements within the US government to cover up the true nature of the attacks.

Here is part 2 of an interview with Jayna Davis about her book The Third Terrorist and the Oklahoma City conspiracy.

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