Friday, November 4, 2016

Proof Clinton and ISIS Funded By Same People

Clinton and ISIS are both funded by the governments of Saudi Arabia and Gutter. And Clinton KNEW the oil sheiks were funding ISIS. Is that why there has been no major US attempt to eliminate ISIS (ISIL)? Is that why the US let them have Abrams tanks? Is that why the US gave ISIS thousands of brand new Toyota trucks? We know that's where the trucks came from. The State Department - Clinton's department - sent those trucks into Syria. Clinton gave, if not weapons, then materiel to ISIS! And she has not been brought up on treason charges, when that is the very definition of treason?

If this new batch of leaked emails doesn't put Clinton in jail, then literally nothing will. Clinton could murder Obama live on TV on the White House lawn and she wouldn't be put in jail. If this doesn't do it, she has absolute immunity from the law.

Clinton #2 John Podesta Literally Worships Satan

Alex Jones was right! The global elite are literally Satan worshipers. Just like top-level Nazis, John Podesta contacted someone to perform blood sacrifices. There's the possibility that child sex trafficking is involved.