Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Moron Crapitalism

Dan Price, CEO of Gravity Payments, the man who gave away millions of his own money to raise the wages of everyone in his company, is facing trouble. Not because of his policy, but because of something all too common, fratricide. Moron Crapitalists will say Gravity Payments is in trouble because of leftism, but that's patently untrue. Rust Lumbar and Pizzaman Cain didn't actually read the story, they read the headline and jumped on it like a bitch in heat.

What Mr. Price did was not "hurrr leftism!" He owns the fucking business. He gave his own money away. He didn't demand the government increase minimum wage, he cut his own pay to give it to people who worked at his own business. That's capitalism. It's his business, he has the right to do whatever he wants with it. As long as he does not include the government - and he didn't - that's still capitalism.

None of the problems he's facing are from "hurr leftism doesn't work!" His brother, a minority share holder, is suing him, threatening to destroy the company. Now that he gave millions of dollars away he doesn't have the money to pay for legal fees to fight his predatory brother.

Greedy motherfuckers who work for the company quit out of butthurt. They wanted to feel superior to other workers. Other business owners and clients, stopped doing business out of a knee-jerk reaction like all the other people who say "hurrr leftism". His policy to give his own money away did not negatively affect the company, human evil of people who want to feel superior to others is hurting the company.

And it's not even all bad. His business has gotten more clients than ever as a result of his decision. The ONLY problem is the lawsuit. If his brother destroys the company in the critical 18 months before profits pick up then it's over. His brother pounced when the company was at its weakest specifically to destroy it. Had that not happened this might have started a landslide. Other business owners might have had to follow his lead and stop paying themselves a trillion dollars a year by the force of the market correcting itself.

This isn't what the fatass Rust Lumbar or Pizzaman Cain said. "Hurrr leftism!" It's not leftism. He earned that money and he can do whatever the fuck he wants with it. If he wants to give it away that's just as much capitalism as if he wants to keep it to build a mansion he never uses or a fleet of cars he keeps in a garage or a trip to africa to murder animals to make his dick bigger. Capitalism is not the same as greed. You can be very generous with the money you earn. Isn't that what people like Lumbar and Glennard Becklestein say? Rich leftists complain about the poor but don't give their own money away, they want the government to raise taxes. Well here is a rich man who doesn't want the government to raise taxes, he got up off his ass and gave his own hard earned money away and Lumbar and Messiah Complex are still bitching about it. You literally can never win with them. They will complain about whatever you do, and call giving golden parachutes to trillionaires who destroy the global economy capitalism. Well I call it crapitalism and it needs to die.