Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Deporting Illegals Will Save Billions

Leftists like to say that it is impossible to deport 11 million illegals, despite the fact that people like Stalin were able to ship millions of people to Siberia using 1930s technology. I'm not one to believe that technology has deteriorated to a pre-20th century level in the past 70 years. Well, it turns out you don't have to deport 11 million people, most of them will leave on their own! The non-partisan Center for Immigration Studies looked at the issue and found that “a modest increase in enforcement (such as E-verify or visa tracking) would cause significant attrition in the illegal population– sending millions of illegals home on their own at no cost to the U.S. taxpayer.” It happened in Arizona, where 17% of illegals up and left voluntarily in a single year when E-verify was enforced. Try that across the whole of the US and you'll see people flowing across the border in the opposite direction.

Another thing leftists like to say is that it would be impossible to pay for mass deportation, and even if it were implemented the US economy would collapse without cheap labour from illegals picking oranges. Actually, when you run the numbers, the exact opposite is true. Illegals are draining $100 billion from the US economy every year.

Under Donald Trump's plan, if we get rid of the illegals who are a huge drain on the economy, it would be possible to invest that money on things like universal pre-kindergarten throughout the country, a policy I think is totally asinine but leftists love because who doesn't love taking little kids away from their parents and teaching them that fifty genders exist and 2+2=7 if you feel it does?

[T]he government could allocate 60 percent more resources and benefits for returning American soldiers and veterans (increasing the President’s 2016 budget request for the VA from its current $168.8 billion to $268.8 billion)

Alternatively, public schools could have the funds to employ an additional 1.9 million elementary school teachers to help teach young Americans in already-overcrowded schools.

State and local governments could employ 1.6 million more police officers in to reduce crime in gang-besieged neighborhoods.

These savings could the expand the government’s allotment for Emergency Shelter Grants, which provide support for the homeless or victims of domestic violence, by than 400 times its 2014 budget ($250 million).

Everything in the universe has borders. Atoms have borders called electron shells that define chemistry, cells have borders called membranes that regulate concentration of chemicals within the cytoplasm, bodies have borders called skin that keep the organs from falling out and pathogens from getting in, the Earth itself has borders, the crust and the atmosphere keep the deadly environments of the mantle and outer space out so life can exist, the solar system has a border called the heliopause, even galaxies have borders. Why should it be that absolutely everything in the entire universe has borders EXCEPT the United States? And why is it that none of these bleeding heart leftists take these illegals into their own homes to eat their own food, sleep on their own beds, and rape their own children? Because they are heartless evil bastards, that's why. They want other people to suffer so they can feel smug with how generous they are with other people's money and lives. They are sick freaks. Trump 2016!