Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Obama Mentor Repudiates Him

Harvard University law professor Laurence Tribe, a mentor to President Barack Obama, said the administration’s carbon rule for power plants is “a remarkable example of executive overreach” that raises “serious constitutional questions.”

The EPA plan violates the Fifth Amendment, because it takes private property without due process.

Tribe says that this is an attack against the coal industry (which Obama said he would do when he was running for president), and contradicts the Clean Air Act, indicating a separation of powers issue.

You cannot be a liberal and love this president. Not by any definition of the word, the original or the modern. He is a dictator. The only people who still support this president in 2015 are egotistical monsters who believe they know better than everyone else and believe that they should rule everyone else and take away people's free will. That's it. This was never a political issue. I've been saying it for years, this isn't about left and right, we can always disagree on that, this is about right and wrong. The only people who support a dictator are they who are immoral.

Here is Tribe's opening statement where he states that the president is burning the Constitution:

Here's part of what Tribe submitted prior to the hearing in December of 2014:

The defects in the Proposed Rule transcend political affiliations and policy positions and cut across partisan lines. The central principle at stake is the rule of law – the basic premise that EPA must comply with fundamental statutory and constitutional requirements in carrying out its mission. The Proposed Rule should be withdrawn. It is a remarkable example of executive overreach and an administrative agency’s assertion of power beyond its statutory authority. Indeed, the Proposed Rule raises serious constitutional questions.

Both Democrats and Republicans should stand in strong support of the rule of law.

And here you can read his testimony before Congress.