Monday, June 19, 2017

Hate Speech IS Protected Speech Rules SCOTUS

The Supreme Court just delivered a UNANIMOUS decision that hate speech is protected under the First Amendment. Even The Mummy Ginsberg agreed with the decision!

An antiquated law banning the trademarking of names deemed "disparaging" was ruled unconstitutional. Now the Asian-American band "The Slants" can officially trademark their name. (Yes, I laughed the first time I read that.)

The ruling is good news for the Washington Redskins too. Even though the team was named in honour of their first coach who was Native American and took the name with pride, leftist crybullies were offended on behalf of Native Americans who they would never want to share a neighborhood with (most SJWs rich white kids who come from majority white neighborhoods) and in 2014 the 'Skins were denied tradmark for their name.

Gyno Kelly Smears Alex Jones

Meg OBGYN Kelly, who joined NBC after being fired (or quitting, depending on who you ask) from Fox News decided to interview the man, the legend, Alex Jones. In case you don't know, Gyno Kelly is the porcine peroxide blond who attacked Trump during the presidential debates just to boost her own ratings, and Alex Jones is the fat guy who rants about the government and is almost always entertaining, and often he's right.

Here we have a 17 minute "interview" that's not an interview at all, it's a hit piece. There was an interview, and clips from that interview are shown in the video, but this is definitely not an interview. Melodramatic music is played along with camera transitions designed to stir strong emotions. Kelly speaks in a calm, breathy monotone interspersed throughout the video feigning shock and disgust and twisting Jones' words out of context. If this was journalism school and I was the professor I would give Kelly an F. This isn't journalism, this is propaganda. I might as well turn to Xinhua, it's just as biased but at least no one pretends like it's objective news.

Gyno did this on purpose to boost her ratings. She knows that Alex Jones gets more viewers than she does. She knows the MSM - fake news - are dying. It's just like when the Wall Street Journal tried to get PewDiePie to do an interview. They know where the audience is and they are trying desperately to leech off of the success of others.

This was despicable and cowardly. Plain and simple.