Monday, September 25, 2017

Kneel Before Your King

Trump is a master at psychology.

Kneeling is a sign of deference, usually given to members of royalty. Trump just got hundreds of leftist idiots to kneel by making them think they are protesting. Leftards think they are kneeling in defiance of Trump, when, in reality, they are kneeling in submission, and all it took was a simple tweet.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Why The News All Sounds The Same

I've never really liked or trusted the news. I remember CNN's fake Gulf War propaganda reports when Charles Jaco shot fake Gulf War footage in front of a blue screen in Atlanta. I'm not a moron, I know these people are fake news, some more fake than others. But what really secured in my mind that all the media are in collusion was when shortly after Ovomit took office and the economy collapsed and he and his wife went out and spent tens of millions of dollars on some lavish round-the-world trip, eating edible gold off plates made from diamonds and spending more money in a day than the average family sees in a decade. People were pissed off and the media, ALL of them, said the exact same thing on every channel. Every talking head on EVERY channel said THE EXACT SAME THING, word for word, defending Ovomit, and calling the American people stupid. They said that Ovomit needs to fix "the optics" of the situation to make the dumb Americans realise how blessed they are that Ovomit is President.

I had never heard the phrase "optics" refer to propaganda before, and it struck me as very bizarre how, at the same time, on every channel, these supposed competitors were all saying the same exact prepared speech defending the indefensible. I knew right then and there that all the media were in collusion. They receive not just talking points but complete scripts to read from the bosses who run the military-industrial-media complex.

Just five corporations control over 90% of what you see, read, and hear. They do so in gross violation of US antitrust law. A handful of billionaires, whose only jobs are to sit on the boards of each other's companies and make money by manipulating money, are controlling the media of the United States, taking away your ability to think for yourself.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Is DACA Dead?

DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, was an executive order - not a law - signed by then President Obama with his pen and his stool in 2012 that made illegal minors low-priority for deportation and made them eligible for work permits. 741,546 applicants have been accepted (you have to register) as of June 2016. According to Wikipedia, so about as accurate as a coin toss, about 10% of these "Dreamers" have found work, taking jobs away from US citizens, including poor minorities and legal immigrants who had to jump through hoops in a process that can last over a decade, but very few have gone to school.

DACA is not a law. It failed to pass through Congress, so Obama said "I have a pen and I have a stool so I'm going to write an executive order and the rule of law can go pound sand." And that's what he did.

Today, after five years, President Trump used his own pen and stool to eliminate DACA, but gave Congress a six month window to save the program. Since Congress has done precious little in these past six months, so will they just kick the can down the road until the Dems take more seats, will they extend DACA into a full-blown law, or will they do the legal, constitutional, moral thing and kill this attempt at Democrat ballot stuffing? I have about as much faith in Congress as I have in Chuck-E-Cheese being a real human-sized singing rat entrepreneur, so I don't expect them to either follow the law, do the right thing, or even get off their asses and work for a living.

Monday, September 4, 2017

North Korean Nuclear Test

I looks like King Make Believe in North Korea has finally detonated a real nuclear device. The yield, estimated at between 50 and 100 kilotons, is much too large to presume that the hermit kingdom is pulling the same trick as last year by detonating a large cache of conventional explosives. While it seems unavoidable that North Korea possesses both intermediate-range missiles and a genuine nuclear device, this still does not mean that they have a nuclear weapon. The first ever hydrogen bomb detonated by the United States was a three story tall, cryogenically cooled building. Unless China has directly given nuclear secrets over to Kim Jung-Unwell, it seems unlikely that whatever they detonated in the mountains is a deliverable weapon.

The only solution is for China to put pressure on its client state and force them to dismantle their nuclear program. No one wants North Korea to have nukes, not the US, not Russia, not China, but China doesn't want a re-unified Korea to enter into the US sphere of influence. If there was some way to ensure the continuity of the Kim regime while at the same time eliminating all nuclear weapons from the peninsula, that would be the only realistic solution to this problem that does not involve full-scale war. China has already made it very clear, in the event of a US first strike they will back the side of their puppet. However, if North Korea strikes first, China will sit on the sidelines while the US unleashes fire and fury on Fatty McAss. Either way millions will die.

The fate of the world really rests in China's hands. They alone can diffuse this crisis.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Why We Should Get Out of Afghanistan

What is the solution to the war in Afghanistan? What does victory look like? Especially if we disregard nation building?

Would empire be considered nation building? Is empire worth the cost?

We know there are rare earth minerals in abundance in Afghanistan, and China is eying them fiercely. There are also unspecified, and largely unexplored, quantities of oil and natural gas. China at the moment is undergoing the most rapid growth of any country in history. To fuel that growth they need to artificially suppress the value of their currency to create massive amounts of debt to fund construction, and they need more raw materials than everyone else in the world combined. China is gobbling up de facto colonies left and right, in Africa and central Asia and in the Pacific. They are working on building a major highway with Pakistan to facilitate trade, and may expand construction into Afghanistan given the chance.

The United States does not operate that way. The United States hasn't taken one drop of Iraqi oil, multinational monopolies who owe no allegiance to anyone have. Some political cronies like Halliburton have benefited, as have the arms manufacturers like Boeing and Raytheon. The only benefit for the US itself, geopolitically, of including Afghanistan into an American empire would be to keep China from getting its hands on Afghan resources, and good luck with that.

If not to reap economic reward from permanent occupation of Afghanistan why stay? It may be because the US has gotten itself into a no-win situation.

If the US cuts and runs then it faces two potential problems:

1. The power vacuum would result in another Afghan Civil War like when the USSR pulled out in 89. Seven years of fighting saw the rise of the Taliban, a brutal, repressive, Islamist theocracy. The Taliban most likely would resume power within a few years, many tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people would die. Islamist groups like Al Qaeda might be given a platform to plan future attacks on the US like 9/11.

2. The US stands to lose face globally by permitting #1 to occur.

The solution to #1 is very simple, secure America's borders at home and forget about the situation abroad. Afghanistan is not a border checkpoint for entry into the US, nor should it be. US intelligence knew about the 9/11 terrorists prior to the attacks, and internal bureaucracy, or stupidity, or inertia, or take your pick prevented any US agencies from acting. As long as the US secures its borders, as long as the US vets people coming in from terror hot spots, the probability of another attack decreases dramatically. It is entirely possible to prevent terror attacks at home, with no presence abroad.

There may be no solution to #2, but that may not be a problem. If the goal is to make America safe and prosperous then why should anyone care about US image abroad? Does China care about how the world views the tens of millions of slave labourers it has, or the lakes of poisonous slag from unsafe mining, or the clouds of noxious smog from its coal fired power plants? Does China care about its image when it extends its reach into the South China Sea, absorbing islets and reefs right off the coast of the Philippines? Of course not. China does what it wants, when it wants, for the benefit of China, and doesn't give a damn about what the world thinks.

But no one cares what China does? The US is different. The US has a "moral responsibility" to police the world and fight for whatever nonsense "values" the EU or Canada says the US has an obligation to fight for.

Actually, no. The US only has a responsibility to itself, just like China does. By embracing the Chinese model of not giving a damn about its reputation, the US government can actually help the American people, economically and in terms of security. What are we gaining from being in Afghanistan? Thousands of lives lost and hundreds of billions of dollars wasted on a pointless war. The war has been going on for so long that no one wants to admit it's pointless, so more lives and money are sent into the trash to keep the system going.

What does the US lose by pulling out of Afghanistan? Nothing. If we secure the border at home then the terrorists won't be able to launch attacks from their mountain fastness in Crapistan, and the world will hate us no matter what we do, so the world can just go pound sand.

Unless President Trump is playing 49-dimensional ninja chess and has some top secret strategy to achieve absolute victory and turn Afghanistan into Dollywood in under a year hidden somewhere up his sleeves, then the best policy is simply to bug out and call it even.

Monday, August 21, 2017

President Trump Announces "We Will Win"

President Trump gave a speech on the war in Afghanistan, stating confidently that "We will win."

Candidate Trump spoke of bugging out and calling it even. He even reiterated this in his speech tonight. President Trump announces a different, secret strategy to achieve victory in Afghanistan. Pulling out now would create a vacuum like the vacuum in Iraq that saw the rise of ISIS. Trump even hinted at the possibility, however remote, of working with the Taliban in achieving victory over the terrorists in Afghanistan.

There seems to be some confusion with what exactly Trump's plans are. He wants to give the military the tools it needs to get the job done, and to let the decisions be made by military leaders, not politicians, which would suggest expanding the war. At the same time he said that "America's patience is not unlimited," and that the Afghan government would have to pay their share of the financial and military burden. Since the Afghan economy is entirely handouts from the US it's impossible for the Afghan government to contribute any money. So, are we in or are we out? Time will tell.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Jim Marrs In Memoriam

Investigative journalist and author Jim Marrs has died recently at the age of 73. Marrs had written the New York Times bestselling book Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy, laying out the evidence for all the people within the deep state who wanted to kill the President. That book would become a major influence on Oliver Stone's film JFK. Marrs also investigated other conspiracies, involving psychic spies, UFOs, and 9/11.

It seems frequent that when an entertainer dies, when a clown dies, millions mourn as if they knew the person directly, but so few seem to morn when someone important like a surgeon or firefighter dies. Jim Marrs was one of those important people who dedicated his life to telling truth to power and challenging the deep state. He will be deeply missed.