Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Media Are Responsible for Mass Shootings

By giving fame to people who commit mass shootings the media teach deranged individuals that the way to achieve immortality is through murder.

Glenn Beck Supports Trump

Glennard Beck, the crazy man who believes Rafael Cruz is the Z̶o̶d̶i̶a̶c̶ ̶K̶i̶l̶l̶e̶r̶ Messiah, now supports Trump because the media have been making shit up for so long. The final straw was when the media defended MS-13, one of the worst criminal gangs in history, when Trump called them animals.

Here Beck goes through a list of Trump's campaign promises that he kept and how unbelievable it is that such a president has accomplished so much with so much opposition.

Friday, May 18, 2018

There Will Be No Blue Wave

As Millennials are turning away from the Democraps, since they promised everything and delivered nothing, one of the three central pillars of Democrap voters is disintegrating. It turns out that young people really like the idea of being able to get a job that pays a living wage. Young people don't like being held down by the generation that refuses to retire. Bread and circuses are not enough, we need jobs, and the left has failed again and again. The left has continued pointless global wars, continued spending money like it is unlimited, and continued to treat humans like a commodity. Young people are getting wise to the lies of the left and are moving to the "far" right. As such there will be no "blue wave" in the mid-terms unless Trump makes a catastrophic mistake like start a new war.

The Iran Nuclear Deal Was Crap

Styx explains why the Iran deal was a shitty deal that did absolutely nothing to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, though it's highly likely Iran never intended to develop weapons in the first place. He also explains why war with Iran almost certainly will not happen.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Trump's Rational Response to the Iran Deal

Trump took the US out of the Iran deal on 8 May and chicken littles are squawking that this is the start of a new world war, just like they squawked over his mean tweets with North Korea. The Iran deal wasn't a treaty, it wasn't even an executive agreement. The deal was nothing more than one of Obama's "pen and stool" acts that had no legal weight and could be reneged on at any time without any legal trouble. The same is true for most of Obama's "legacy". Most of it was hot air that candidate Obama said he would never do because it was executive overreach. Now President Trump is destroying President Obama's legacy in accordance with Candidate Obama's original campaign, while fulfilling Candidate Trump's own campaign promises.

Why do we even need an Iran deal, other than for Obama to send billions of taxpayer dollars to some tinpot regime? We could have just ignored Iran and reinvested that money in fixing the roads or helping homeless veterans. The Iran deal did nothing for the US other than make Obama look good in the face of European globalist aristocrats. It was a PR stunt.

Some people say that the money was Iran's and the US stole it. Bullshit. Some Iranian diplomat didn't misplace a huge pallet of cash at an airport that the US dutifully held in a closet somewhere until it was time for Barry to ship it to them.

The deal didn't prevent them from getting nukes, it just postponed the time for when they can get them, and it allows them to inspect their own sites and everyone has to take them at their word that they're not lying. It was a bad deal that was nothing more than an excuse for Obama to give away US money.

$400 million was being held from an Iranian weapons purchase decades ago back when the Shah was still in power. Iran gave the US the money, the revolution broke out, and the US refused to give the money back. If the US wants to give the new Iran the money back, money that was paid when a different government was in place and Iran was essentially a different country, why take additional money from US taxpayers and add to it? The additional $1.3 billion was not Iranian money held by the FMF, that came from US taxpayers.

There's not going to be a war. The US won't start a war with Iran and bring in Russia, Iran won't start a war and get obliterated. Iran's not going to develop a nuke, because if they did it would start WW3. Where are they going to test it? The whole world will know and Israel and Saudi Arabia won't allow it. Israel may or may not have nukes and the Saudis can just buy nukes from Pakistan and they would turn Iran into a parking lot if the Iranians tried anything.

To me this looks like Trump is trying to set up a second Korea deal. After he makes peace with North Korea he's going to turn around and make a new deal with Iran so he can one up Obama.

Here's Trump's line of thinking. He could be right, he could be wrong, that's not important. What's important is that he does not intend to get us involved in another war. Trump engaged with Kim Jong Un in a flame war for several months, he threatened economic sanctions, and then Kim came to the negotiating table, shook hands with his Southern counterpart, released US prisoners, dismantled his nuclear site, and now stands to benefit from at least semi-normalised relations with the wider world.

Trump thinks he can repeat the same process in Iran. He thinks he can pull out of Obama's deal, toss out some strongly worded tweets, threaten sanctions, and then bring Iran to the negotiating table so he can gain even more acclaim internationally as a peacemaker.

That doesn't mean Trump's plan will work, that's just what he's thinking. He's not going to go to war. If he did he would lose reelection in 2020 and lose at the Korean summit. He's using harsh talk, like he always does, to 1. put down Obama and his "legacy" and 2. work toward re-negotiating the deal with Iran, which he will claim is the "best deal ever in the history of deals" to boost his own image.

Look at Trump's only incidents of sabre rattling so far. Twice he launched a limp-dicked salvo of missiles into Syria that accomplished absolutely nothing. That's it. All the chicken littles are running around thinking Trump is going to push for regime change when so far he's done nothing to indicate that he cares at all about who is running which country. Sure, he'll throw a few missiles around to appease the neocons and neolibs, but they'll all land in the same area and he'll alert the "enemy" ahead of time so they can evacuate before the bombs start falling. When Trump talks about regime change it's all a bunch of hot air to make himself look tough.

He even says that he's leaving open the possibility for renegotiating with Iran, which means that's what he intends to do. Everything else is just showboating. It's theater. Trump is a TV star, this is what he does.

Iran already said that it will comply with the deal so as not to lose its trade relations with Europe, so they're not going to race to get a nuke. Trump will let the Korean summit work out and then in a few months start working with Iran so he can claim that he has outdone Obama in everything.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Kim Jong Un Meets Moon Jae-in

If you're below the age of 50 you've never seen anything like this. For the first time one of the dictators of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, met with the president of not entirely free South Korea (which is currently under its sixth regime since 1948), Moon Jae-in.

The two Koreas vowed to end the war that has been simmering for 68 years and left 1 million dead. They also vowed to denuclearize the peninsula. The peace summit is scheduled for June, the anniversary of the start of the conflict, in neutral Singapore.

There's no guarantee of anything. Cynics and chickenhawks are saying Kim is just biding time while he "perfects" his weapons, which are currently built with laughably crappy 1960s technology. They claim this is like the moment when Neville Chamberlain met Hitler and got that piece of paper to wave in the breeze, which Hitler than ignored and invaded Poland anyway.

I'm not so sure of that. Kim is a rational person. He knows that he has no chance of winning any war and he's not crazy and simply wants the world to burn in nuclear hellfire. Kim is a Western raised and educated man who sees that military action is futile and that maybe he can leverage his nuclear arsenal to get peace terms that don't end with him facing crimes against humanity and execution. Any peace that can end with him continuing to live in his palace and the United States off the peninsula is worth dismantling his arsenal.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Hollywood's Darkest Secret

Stefan Molyneux interviews Gabe Hoffman, producer of the documentary film An Open Secret, which exposes the rampant child sexual abuse that is the very lifeblood of Hollywood. Weinstein and Spacey are just the tip of this very big, very sinister iceberg.

I've been talking about this for years. The Hollywood elite rape children. That's their particular form of perversion. They believe that they are endowed by their lord Satan with power over we mortals and they consummate their covenant with evil by raping children.

An Open Secret is an American documentary film directed by Amy J. Berg exposing child sexual abuse in the film industry in California. The film features interviews with victimized performers, who were targeted when they were young boys, as well as industry figures, the predators themselves, and journalists.