Saturday, December 9, 2017

Why Trump Recognising Jerusalem Is Good

Ben Shapiro explains why Trump, and Congress, and three prior presidents, recognising Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel is not only a moral decision it is a smart decision that may benefit the cause of peace, not harm it.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Everyone Supported Recognising Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel Until Trump Actually Did It!

Former presidents Clinton, Bush, and Ovomit all promised to recognise Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel and to move the embassy there. Congress voted overwhelmingly on the same issue. However, just like with securing the border (a Clinton plan that won him a standing ovation in the 90s), everything becomes bad, racialist, and Hitlerian when Trump does it.

Islam's Position on Jerusalem and the Jews

Why does the US recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel anger Muslims? It's simple, and it goes back to the very beginning of Islam.

Don't think for a second that Jerusalem or the Temple Mount is sacred to Muslims. It's not. There are countless videos of Muslims desecrating the Temple Mount, including inside the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque. Muslims don't give a toss about the Temple Mount. It's about the Jews. It's always been about the Jews.

The warlord Mohammad went to the Jews and demanded they convert to Islam. This was back when Mohammad had butchered his way throughout Arabia and conquered all the neighboring tribes, spreading Islam by the sword. The Jews, who have stuck to their one God and have rejected all other cults, told Mohammad to get lost. At this point Mohammad was in good company, as the Jews had told Jesus, the Romans, the Greeks, and everyone else to get lost too. What he did next put him in the same category as Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, a man so antagonistic to the Jews that he has been forever remembered as an incarnation of evil. Mohammad made it his mission to seed hatred of Jews into the hearts of all Muslims.

The Caliph Umar, who ruled just a few years after Mohammad died, conquered Jerusalem and built his conquest mosque on top of the Temple Mount so the Jews could never have the holy site ever again in an act of childish vindictiveness.

The Muslims don't want Jerusalem for themselves because they think it is holy, they want Jerusalem to keep it out of the hands of the Jews, who are their most hated enemy. The Jews were the first group of people who rejected Islam, so there is a special hatred for Jews in Islam. Mohammed himself is quoted as saying that at the end of time all the Jews need to be killed before the Mahdi, the Muslim messiah (who has identical traits as the Christian Anti-Christ). Mohammad is reported (in the hadith) as having said that at the end of time the rocks and trees will call out "There is a Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him!" This needs to be done before the Mahdi can return to Earth to kill all non-Muslims.

The Mahdi is the Muslim messiah. He was a real person who is said to have vanished down a well a thousand years ago. The Supreme Leader of Iran claims to be the only person to whom the Mahdi can communicate, and the Mahdi told him to build nuclear weapons.

The Mahdi is not Jesus Christ, the Christian Messiah (the True Messiah). According to Islam Jesus never died on the cross and never redeemed the world. When Jesus was placed on the cross he was teleported directly to Heaven and Judas was placed on the cross. Islam teaches that Christians really worship Judas, and as such are idolaters and must be slaughtered by the Mahdi when he comes to Earth after all the Jews are killed.

That's why Muslims want to deny the Temple Mount and all of Israel to the Jews. If the Jews build the Third Temple then the Jewish Messiah (who is Jesus Christ) will return to Earth. To prevent this they have to drive the Jews into the sea. That's why time after time after time when the Jews have tried to trade land for peace the Muslims have turned them down and launched wars and terror attacks, because this was never about land, this was about hatred of Jews from the very beginning. Just read the Hamas charter. It says the goal of Hamas is to rid the world of Jews. ALL Jews. It doesn't say Israel, it says Jews.

And that is why the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel angers the Muslims, because they know that even with an army a billion strong they are no match for the United States. They see their chances of driving the Jews into the sea and bringing in the reign of the Mahdi as hitting a serious roadblock. The threads of their apocalyptic death cult are unraveling. No more will American presidents wave their little pieces of paper like Neville Chamberlain, promising peace for our time through appeasement to the Muslims. For 14 centuries they have tried to conquer the world and now they see a nuclear superpower standing up to their bullying. That's why they're pissed off, because their plan to kill all Jews is being curtailed by the first righteous leader the West has seen in decades.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

The History of the Israeli-Arab Problem

A brief history of how fanatical hatred of Jews has kept Arab Muslims from making peace with Israel, despite Israel's best efforts.

Palestine is a Lie

There never was a place called "Palestine". There never were a people called "Palestinians". It is a fiction; an Arab political invention of the 20th century designed to oppose the Jews.

The video dispels certain myths concerning the origin of the name 'Palestine' and of the 'Arab Palestinians.' It documents that the 'Arab Palestinians' are in fact mostly from other places, and migrated to what is now Israel at the same time as the Zionist Jews, many of them because of the economic boom that the Zionist Jews produced in what was then British Mandate Palestine. The Zionist Jews did not steal the "best" land from Arab landowners but in fact purchased abandoned desert and swamp land from absentee Arab landlords who were quite eager to sell. This was explained by Hajj Amin al Husseini himself. Husseini, father of the Palestinian movement, launched his fourth terrorist attack against the Jews of the Mandate in 1936-39. The violence was so great that the British sent a team to investigate. When questioned, Husseini admitted that the Zionist Jews had not stolen anybody's land but in fact had bought it. In fact, Husseini had been among the major consolidators and sellers of land, and growing tremendously rich by it.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Christmas Music Sucks

Christmas songs suck.

If you go outside around more than 4 people from the beginning of November until the end of December you will hear Christmas songs and likely nothing but Christmas songs. The problem with Christmas songs is that once you remove all the songs about Jesus, who is persona non grata in today's atheist society, there are all of 7 Christmas songs left. And you've heard all of them. And they all sound the same. And those same 7 songs are played on continuous loop for two months until you start to envy the deaf.

All 7 Christmas songs are shit. They're bullshit designed to make money. Every pop star for the past 60 years has known that producing a Christmas album is guaranteed to make tons of money, because even though EVERYONE has heard all 7 Christmas songs a thousand times, like an Alzheimer's patient, people need to buy the new album that contains the exact same 7 Christmas songs just because a different person sings them. As if they've never heard those songs before.

Why does Christmas exist? It's not to sell garbage to rich people who don't need any more garbage. CHRISTmas exists because of Jesus Christ. Sure, the date is wrong, but Christmas exists to celebrate the birth of Christ. In the modern atheist dystopia people are afraid to offend the one or two percent of extremely vocal atheists and Muslims who see Christmas as haram, we have to create a neopagan alternative to the birth of Christ, and all that's left is making money. Take a listen to all 7 Christmas songs that the big five networks play. They're all about money and materialism. It's a not so subtle subliminal message to get people to spend money on worthless garbage that no one needs or wants. People will buy $400 worth of shit and then, at the checkout counter admit to the clerk that they don't know why they bought all that shit. America gave up producing anything (except cardboard and US Dollars) decades ago, so I have no idea where all these people get this much money to buy garbage. They have to be using credit, which feeds the globalist banksters insatiable hunger for debt.

If we remember Christ more, even if you don't believe, just take his message to heart. We're not suffering from a lack of novelty sweaters, useless gadgets that get put in the garage after a week, and cheaply made toys the Chinese fill with lead, we're suffering from a lack of compassion. Imagine how much better life would be if instead of spending $400 on gifts for people you hate to satisfy your own ego, people spent that money on helping the poor. THAT is what Christmas should be about, not consumerism.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Trump Travel Ban Upheld

Here's something good to counter act the bad on this very busy news day. The Supreme Court is allowing the full enforcement of Trump's travel ban even as objections from lower courts are mouldering in queue. That means you People's Democratic Republic of Hawaii.

The ban restricts travel from six countries: Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen. What do those six countries have in common? The US has bombed four of them and placed crippling economic sanctions on another. That's a good indicator that people from those six countries hate our guts and likely harbor terrorists. Unlike the original ban, this third revised edition has no set end date.

Trump is not banning Muslims from entering the US, he is banning people from countries that the US has bombed and who would probably be really pissed off and might try to enact revenge.

If Trump were trying to ban Muslims he would have banned people from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, Indonesia, India, and Pakistan, the most populous Muslim countries. Anyone who thinks this is a Muslim ban is either a complete moron or is lying to try to paint Trump as "literally Hitler".