Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Real Talent

When faced with the certainty that clock boy just took a clock apart in 20 seconds and brought it to school idiots, when they're not shouting "leave brown people alone", will shout "he's just 14, what do you expect him to do?" or "bravo, you just outsmarted a 14 year old!"

Well, here's what a 14 year old can do, build a motorcycle.

Haven Jarel built himself a motorcycle and now he's building a car. He deserves the scholarship to MIT. He deserves to visit the President. He deserves the free trip anywhere in the world. He deserves the media attention.

Remember, until the 20th century 14 years old was an adult, with all the adult expectations and responsibilities. 14 year olds have shaped a lot of history and achieved great things. Clock boy was just a douche who caused trouble on purpose.

Moron Clock Boy

Someone recreated clock boy's "invention" in 20 seconds. He's not an engineering genius, he's a pawn being used to manipulate the media. Now he's getting scholarships, he's invited to the White House, he's been given a free trip to Mecca. And when you try to point out the most obvious hoax in the history of the world all leftists can do to object is to shout "LEAVE BROWN PEOPLE ALONE!!!!!11111ELEVEN!!!!" They are filled with such shame over the disgusting lives they live, the most worthless degenerates in history, that they project their self hatred onto all white people.

No one gave me a scholarship when I was the only person at the fourth grade science fair to actually perform a scientific experiment, where I looked at heart rate as a function of age and other health factors. Who knew all I had to do was to call myself Muhammad Hussein and tear a clock apart?

Stop using the bullshit, made up word "islamophobia." There is no such mental illness. It is not in any psychological or psychiatric literature. It's not in the DSM. There is no such disease. And stop saying racialism. Islam is not a race. There are people on seven continents of all races who practice Islam. It's not racialist to acknowledge the fact that most terrorists are Muslims, the fact that Islam has been at war with the West for 1400 years, that they are waging wars all over the world, in India, in Sri Lanka, in the Philippines, in China. It's not racialism, it's not islamophobia, it's not all white people are evil or the evil Jews, and if we just gave them Israel everything would be fine. Israel has nothing to do with the problems in China or the Philippines or anywhere else. It's a total non sequitur. The whole rest of the world is not evil for trying to survive against constant onslaught from the religion of hatred and death.