Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Truth About Trump's Obama-Approved, Non-Muslim Travel Ban

Ye might have heard that President Donald Trump has banned all Muslims from entering the United States and this is an outrage. Aside from the fact that no one has the right to enter, let alone move to, any country, and several other presidents have done pretty much the same thing (or worse) - Jimmy Carter and Ovomit both issued similar bans from Iran and Iraq respectively, and "The Big D" FDR rounded up ethnic Germans, Japanese, and Italians living in America in (Roosevelt's own words) concentration camps - we're hearing a lot of autistic screeching from leftards over Trump's action.

Not only are the majority of Muslim countries from around the world not on the list, the ban list was created by none other than Ovomit himself! Those seven countries - Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Sudan, and Somalia - were targeted as highly problematic and unstable by Ovomit himself. President Trump did nothing more than finish the work that Ovomit started during his own term in office, and leftards are still complaining about it!

Not only has ISIS bragged that they have snuck terrorists into Europe under the guise of refugees, and not only has the FBI come out and said that terror cells have been established in all 50 states, it is absolutely impossible to 1. vet these people because several countries such as Sudan, Somalia, and Syria, have no systems in place to keep accurate records of their own people, 2. it is impossible to care for these people in the United States better than in their own countries by setting up safe zones. For every 1,000 refugees the US can take in, with that same money, it is possible to provide food, security, and the possibility of jobs for 10,000 refugees in their own countries with the added benefit of having these people remain in a place that shares the same culture and language. Anyone who ACTUALLY cares about people who have been displaced by war would support those people financially in their own countries. Anyone interested in nothing more than virtue signaling wants to bring people into other people's neighborhoods, predominantly white, Christian, lower middle class and working class neighborhoods, that the virtuous leftards don't have to ever see or visit or live in.

Not only is Trump's policy 1. a continuation of Ovomit's policy, it is 2. profoundly beneficial for the security and economic health of America, 3. the most beneficial policy possible for the displaced peoples themselves, it may also 4. prompt other Arab countries like Saudi Arabia to actually start taking in refugees themselves. Once that happens the game is undone. The most people will then be helped for the least expenditure of resources. President Trump's policy is the most humanitarian policy that he could have enacted.