Friday, October 14, 2016

Donald Trump is a Saint

Donald Trump has a long history of random acts of kindness, spending a whole lot of money helping people, expecting nothing in return, bragging to no one.

Hitlery Clinton is a psychopathic monster who hates everyone.

RNC Spends $0 On Trump

The Republican Party has spent absolutely nothing on ads, supporting Trump or attacking Clinton. The Republican Party wants Clinton to win.

Trump is the ultimate outsider. The Democrat and Republican parties oppose him, the MSM opposes him, Wall Street opposes him, the gulf oil sheiks oppose him, the globalist banksters oppose him. Trump is the biggest outsider to ever run.

Hillary Micro Managed ISIS

Democrats for Trump

800,000 new "Trumpocrats" have signed up to vote for Trump in Pennsylvania. Lifelong working class Democrats are turning out for Trump to oppose Clinton's job killing trade agendas.

Russ Feingold Says Hillary Might Issue Executive Order on Guns

Trump Scandal is Bullshit

Paul Joseph Watson and Stefan Molyneux explain why the NWO is desperate and the Trump scandal is the very bottom of the barrel.

"This is THE election that determines the future of Western civilisation."
- Stefan Molyneux

If Trump wins and he builds the wall and the 40 million illegals are deported, or self-deport, the entire Democrat voter base is destroyed and they will never win an election again.

If Hitlery wins and floods the country with tens of millions of third worlders and musloids, there won't be enough tax payers to ever stop the Democrats ever again.