Friday, July 28, 2017

Real Unemployment is Killing Us

Real unemployment is closer to 22%, but because most of those people are not "unemployed" but instead "not in the labour force", the unemployment rate can be kept artificially low and the case for unlimited immigration of third world leftist voters can be made.

Congress Votes for Armageddon

The fanatical, Russia-hating chickenhawks in Congress have just passed a bill that demands sanctions be placed on Russia for defending itself, Iran for carrying out the acts that the previous administration was praised for allowing it to carry out, and North Korea out of a fanatical desire to start a nuclear war and impose on China's sphere of influence. All of five people, two Senators and three Representatives, opposed the bill: Justin Amash, John Duncan, and Thomas Massie in the House, and Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders in the Senate.

As Daniel McAdams from the Ron Paul Institute astutely points out:

The House and Senate passed "Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act" now goes to President Trump's desk, where he faces a damned if he does and damned if he doesn't scenario. A veto would certainly be over-ridden, handing the president a bitter bi-partisan blow that would likely end whatever aspirations he may retain to keep his campaign promises to get along better with Russia. Similarly, signing the bill signs a death warrant for any foreign policy different than the one served up by the neocons for decades: create enemies; push war propaganda; collect massive checks from military industrial complex; demonize any American refusing to go along; repeat, adding bombs as necessary.

Along with the fiasco going on with Jeff Sessions and the whole Russia collusion bullshit (in CNN's own words) the deep state seems like it may be too powerful for Trump to uproot. All that's left now is to take take a page from Constantine's playbook and do to the deep state what was done to the Praetorian.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Trump Ending Push For Regime Change in Syria

It appears as if President Trump has ended the CIA program of funding and arming ISIS and other militant Islamist groups in Syria in order to wage a proxy war against Russia. From the Ron Paul Institute:

The headline in the Washington Post said it all: “Trump ends covert CIA program to arm anti-Assad rebels in Syria, a move sought by Moscow.” The madness that has infected what passes for journalism today could not be more starkly dramatized: everything is seen through the distorting lens of Russophobia. It doesn’t matter that that the program had failed to achieve its ostensible goal, and that the US-vetted rebels had for the most part defected to al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, and ISIS. Atrocities committed by the “moderate” rebels go unmentioned. That real experts on the region like Joshua Landis hailed the move as a step toward a peaceful settlement is ignored. The only thing that matters is that, as one unnamed “current official” cited in the article puts it, “Putin won in Syria.”

From this perspective, the Syrian people are merely pawns in a geopolitical game between Washington and Moscow.

That says everything you need to know, doesn't it? Hatred of Russia is the lens through which Washington and the MSM - the Military-Industrial-Media Complex - view everything. Russia has always been the other, as opposed to the ancien regimes of Britain and France, and, by extension, NATO. The great powers have always opposed Russia, even going so far as to lend military support to their own enemies like the Ottoman Empire in order to harm Russia.

The CIA, the father of all lies and the largest terrorist organisation on the planet, is responsible for a great many proxy wars against Russia, using radical Islamic groups like al Qaeda and ISIS to oust secular dictatorships that benefited Russia's position as the oil supplier of Europe.

Russia's one major industry is oil and natural gas. It is the only thing keeping the Russian economy afloat and keeping the thousands of nuclear weapons out of the hands of every ten cent madman who's willing to end the world on a whim. In order to weaken Russia, the US must use its power, through the military and covert means, to provide the world with an alternate source of oil and gas: Saudi Arabia. Look at all the wars the US fights and see if they don't all fit this same pattern.

*Bosnia and Kosovo: Serbia won't allow an oil pipeline to be built through their territory, limiting Europe's access to non-Russian oil, so the US cooks up a fake story of genocide in order to justify a bombing campaign to destroy Serbia's grip on the Balkans.

*Afghanistan and Iraq: Iran is Russia's ally, so the US cooks up stories about WMDs to justify perpetual military occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq in order to permanently envelop Iran.

*Libya: Gaddafi insists on payment of gold for oil and promises the creation of a gold-backed pan-African currency. This would deal a death blow to the US Petrodollar, weakening the US while strengthening Russia. Naturally Gaddafi needs to be killed by al Qaeda, armed and funded by a secret CIA gun running program. Ambassador Stevens had to be murdered to cover it up.

*Ukraine: Russia's "near abroad". Former Soviet state overwhelmingly elects a pro-Russian leader. The CIA swoops in and stages a coup, putting a fanatical anti-Russian puppet into power in order to extend NATO's reach directly to Moscow's front door.

*Syria: Russia's ally on the Mediterranean coast. The extremely moderate, Western educated Assad refuses to allow a Saudi oil pipeline to be built through his country. The CIA invents ISIS out of thin air and instigates US bombing of Syrian government forces. Chemical weapons are deliberately released by CIA proxy agents on the day of the UN inspection as pretext for war, just like what was done in Iraq.

Millions of people have died as a direct result of US military intervention. One million Iraqis have been directly killed by US military strikes. Libya, which had the highest standard of living in the whole of Africa, is now a war-torn hellhole and the funnel through which millions of Islamic radicals flood into Europe. The entire balance of the world has been destabilised through US military intervention due to fanatical hatred of Russia.

In ending the CIA program of arming al Qaeda, al Nusra, and ISIS, and working with Russia to formulate a cease fire agreement in Syria, President Trump is taking steps toward achieving his campaign promise and making the world just a little bit safer.

Friday, July 7, 2017

CNN Blatant Criminal Activity

A private citizen on Reddit created a meme where Donald Trump body slams Vince McMahon at a wrestling event from 10 years ago, and McMahon's face was replaced by the CNN logo.

CNN, who doesn't give a shit about D-list hasbeen celebrities pretending to decapitate THE SITTING PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES in ISIS fashion, or Zed-list neverbeens pretending to assassinate THE SITTING PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES repeatedly, night after night in a live performance, the same CNN that talks constantly about the fake Russia collusion bullshit - which they admit is bullshit, the same CNN that constantly talks about how to impeach and imprison President Trump, they got butthurt over a wrestling meme where Trump body slams the CNN logo. They said that it might incite violence.

This same CNN then doxxed a private citizen and blackmailed him. They contacted the man who created the meme and threatened to release his identity unless he got on his hands and knees and licked their balls.

That's blatantly illegal.

Fuck you CNN.

Sunday, July 2, 2017