Friday, July 7, 2017

CNN Blatant Criminal Activity

A private citizen on Reddit created a meme where Donald Trump body slams Vince McMahon at a wrestling event from 10 years ago, and McMahon's face was replaced by the CNN logo.

CNN, who doesn't give a shit about D-list hasbeen celebrities pretending to decapitate THE SITTING PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES in ISIS fashion, or Zed-list neverbeens pretending to assassinate THE SITTING PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES repeatedly, night after night in a live performance, the same CNN that talks constantly about the fake Russia collusion bullshit - which they admit is bullshit, the same CNN that constantly talks about how to impeach and imprison President Trump, they got butthurt over a wrestling meme where Trump body slams the CNN logo. They said that it might incite violence.

This same CNN then doxxed a private citizen and blackmailed him. They contacted the man who created the meme and threatened to release his identity unless he got on his hands and knees and licked their balls.

That's blatantly illegal.

Fuck you CNN.