Monday, August 22, 2016

‘Just Shut it Down’

Echoing the sentiment of the New York Times, leftwing political news site Huffington Post has called for the Clinton Foundation to be shut down.

The Clinton Foundation, the "non-profit" group that takes from the rich and gives entirely to Bill and Hitlery Clinton, has accepted tens of millions of dollars from countries such as Saudi Arabia, where women are treated like property, are forbidden from driving, and forced to wear trash bags with eye holes cut out, where women are murdered for being the victim of rape, and where gays are murdered by the hundreds every year. Hitlery Clinton, as Secretary of State, also sold one third of the US uranium mines to Russia.

In a staggering sign of vulnerability, Bill Clinton told a room full of the foundation’s staff on Thursday that he will resign from the Clinton Foundation board if Hillary Clinton wins the White House in November. The former president also pledged to stop giving paid speeches, regardless of the outcome of Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid.


Bill Clinton’s announcement followed former Democratic Pennsylvania Governor and longtime Clinton ally Ed Rendell’s remarks that the foundation should shutdown if Hillary Clinton became president.

It is as plain as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west that the Clintons are corrupt, and that Hitlery is the worst candidate to ever run for the presidency. Hitlery's tenure in office has been one disaster after another: losing state secrets, selling nuclear materials, destroying the Near East, overthrowing stable governments and putting Islamist extremists in power, trying to foment nuclear war with Russia. It doesn't matter how many mean things Trump has said, those are just words, the lives that were lost as a result of Clinton's actions are real. Trump has said some mean things, Clinton has killed tens of thousands of people with her Arab Spring policy. Killing people is worse than using mean words.

This isn't that complicated. All you Bernie supporters, his entire campaign was a repudiation of the corruption and moral bankruptcy of Hitery Clinton. He only backed her after she stole the nomination because people who oppose Clinton mysteriously turn up dead. You turned out in big numbers in opposition to the Washington establishment with its big money and its corruption. Don't vote for the ultimate insider. Don't let the ultimate insider, the person who stands for everything you despise, become the next president. Hold your noses and vote for Donald Trump if only to repudiate Clinton.

Nukes in Romania

The US has moved its nuclear weapons from Turkey to Romania in the most dangerous act of nuclear sabre rattling since the end of the Cold War.

The US, believing itself to be the only country allowed to unilaterally invade other countries and dictate global policies, overthrew the democratically elected government in Ukraine in a CIA-backed coup, in order to start a war with Russia. When Russia responded to the ever tightening noose the US and NATO by going on a heightened state of alert, the US is now responding by taking its nuclear missiles out of Turkey and moving them to Romania. The alleged reason for this move is because the failed Turkish coup has so destabilised the country that those nukes are no longer safe in Turkish hands, but if that were the case then why move them right to Ukraine's doorstep? Why not move the nukes to Italy (which already holds US nukes) or Spain, or why not just bring them home? Why deliberately move them right next to the country where the US is waging a proxy war with Russia?