Monday, April 27, 2015

"Space to Destroy"

What the actual fuck? Giving rioters "space to destroy"? Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake should be put in jail for being an accessory to these crimes. This is a felony and she should be in federal prison for what she has done.

Baltimore police possibly murdered a resident Freddie Gray, he was alive when they arrested him and when he got to the station he was dead with a snapped neck and there are no witnesses to how that happened. What, he didn't snap his own neck, that's for certain, so this seems likely that it was murder, or at least negligent homicide and those officers should go to jail for that. But to go from that to destroying the property of innocent people is evil. It is pure evil. Those rioters are minions of Satan and mayor Rawlings-Blake is enabling satanic evil to destroy her own city.

A real mayor, someone who loves her city, would have called the National Guard to shoot these rioters in the face like they deserve. A real mayor would not allow the vermin of the city to trap innocent people in the baseball stadium and turn the streets of the city into Hell on Earth.

Free speech does not include damage to other people's property. Free speech does not include "space to destroy" or to harm the lives of others. That is criminal activity and needs to be punished in accordance with the law.

Hasn't Baltimore suffered enough? It's another city crippled by poverty and bloated, useless government building projects that fail to bring fleeing businesses back. Do these monsters really need to burn the city down like Newark in 1968 or LA in 1992? Unbelievable that this trash got elected in the first place.

News Rundown 2

Drilling for Earthquakes

Pumping water into the ground after extracting oil and gas has been linked with an outbreak of earthquakes in the middle of the US, clustered around Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Geological Survey says that the practice is very likely the main cause of the dramatic increase in seismic activity.

Drilling for oil and gas produces waste water, and this water has to go somewhere, so wells are dug and the water is pumped into the ground between impermeable layers of rock to avoid contaminating the groundwater supply. While the water table may be safe, all that water forced between the rocks appears to have caused nearly ten thousand earthquakes in the past four years, half of them in 2014 alone.

Russia Evacuates Americans from Yemen

The US government doesn't care enough about its citizens to evacuate them from a war zone, unlike every other country on the planet. Thankfully Russia stepped up to become the unlikely hero of dozens of Americans stranded in Yemen. While official US policy is to bankrupt Russia and start a nuclear world war by installing a puppet regime in Ukraine, Russia holds no animus toward innocent Americans caught behind enemy lines and brought them to safety.

CIA Murders Americans, President Apologizes

CIA drone strikes against an al Qaeda compound in Pakistan (or "Pok-E-Ston") in January has resulted in the deaths of kidnapped aid workers American Warren Weinstein and Italian Giovanni Lo Porto. Despite surveilling the site for "hundreds of hours," the CIA was unaware that the two men were kept inside the building.

The President says he takes "full responsibility for all counterterrorism operations." Since the US is not technically at war with anyone, and these covert actions are of highly questionable legality, does that make the President responsible for negligent homicide? After all, these are not inadvertent casualties of war, collateral damage, this is the US government going around murdering people (very bad people, mind you) and civilians getting caught in the crossfire, including US citizens who are being denied their lives without due process of law.

At the very least there should be proper civilian oversight of these drone operations, instead of the cloak and dagger dealings of the CIA. Why are these operations not being carried out by the Department of Defense like military actions? Instead they are being carried out by the CIA like mafia contract killings with no say or restraint from Congress.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Michael Savage Caller

The rich leftist who called Michael Savage about taxes, from 21 April 2015.

Why "Taxing the Rich" Doesn't Work

There are at least 7 reasons why the idea of taxing the rich and giving it to the poor does not work. I'll break them down for you below.

1. "Not Rich" Syndrome
The definition of who is "rich" is a lot like a number of other terms that belong on sliding scales. Someone who is rich is usually someone who has more money than the person making the definition. "I'm not rich, but that guy over there making $30,000, he's rich." That guy says "Rich? You must be joking! I'm just getting by, but that guy, making $80,000, now he's rich." The third guy says "I'm not rich! Those greedy bastards making $250,000, they're rich, and they should be taxed more!"

2. "Not I" Syndrome
The people who do admit they are rich usually believe they deserve some exemption to having to pay higher taxes. A leftist who wanted to raise taxes on the rich called in to The Savage Nation a few days ago and he admitted that he was, in fact, rich. However, he believed he shouldn't have to pay higher taxes, only other rich people. You see, he takes every tax exemption he can so he only pays a fraction of what a less crafty person would at his income bracket, and he believes that his genius at finding these loopholes means he is entitled to pay less. The caller wanted to raise taxes but did not want to close the loopholes that would shield him from having to pay those higher taxes! Taxes, in this instance, become a penalty for stupid people.

3. Rich People Don't Pay Taxes
The 80 people who possess half the money in the world never pay taxes anyway. Warren Buffett pays as little taxes as possible, so do the Clintons and the Bushes. The really rich people don't get money from income, so they already don't have to pay income tax – the form of tax that people who want to "tax the rich" want to increase, and they have armies of lawyers to find every single loophole to get out of paying the taxes that do apply to them. Warren Buffett always says that income tax should be raised and that his secretary pays more income tax than he does, but what he never mentions is he makes very little income. Most of the money Buffett gets is in the form of capital gains, which he conveniently does not want taxed any higher. He's distracting the public with one hand to disguise what his other hand is doing.

Remember, in the US, the IRS does not care how much you pay beyond the minimum amount you owe. You can legally give them as much money as you want over what you legally owe. If you owe $50,000, you can legally give them a million dollars and they will gladly accept it to buy a new hammer or toilet seat.

4. Corporations Don't Pay Taxes
Just like rich people, corporations (which somehow count as "people" but unborn children are just "tissues") don't pay taxes either. Corporations are to people what Superman is to man. Corporations can deduct expenses, like utilities. If you try to get off having to pay your gas bill or make a car payment you'd get your gas shut off and your car repossessed. A corporation can get a tax break. Corporations can use past losses to offset future gains. In the red last year? It doesn't matter that you've made billions, you can subtract what you didn't make from what you did and get free money from Uncle Sam! Corporations can create smaller, shell corporations in tax havens to launder money and avoid paying taxes. And the big one, corporations that are really super in the red can get bailouts if they have their hands in too many cookie jars. If a big corporation like AIG were to go bankrupt it would cause a depression, so the government can't let that happen. You see, some corporations are "too big to fail."

5. Dekulakization
Whenever taxes are raised the only people who lose more money directly are kulaks. Kulaks are the mythical "tight-fisted" independent farmers (mostly Poles and Ukrainians) who Stalin murdered out of racial hatred while claiming to fight capitalism. In American terms the kulaks are the entrepreneurs. They are the people with two mortgages on their homes to fund a business that employs a couple dozen people. On paper they may be millionaires, but very little of that money is liquid. In fact most of these modern day kulaks are in the red, but few ever speak of real world economics, and so these paper millionaires must be taxed to the point where they lose their businesses. Destroying small businesses is a death sentence for the economy, because that's where most new jobs are created. Raising taxes is like pouring cement into a car's engine.

6. Eat the Poor
The only other group of people hurt by higher taxes are poor people. Fewer businesses means fewer jobs. Fewer jobs means more unemployment, and unemployment tends to go hand-in-hand with being poor. That's not the only way poor people are hurt by higher taxes. Those tax-exempt corporate people can raise their prices if they ever get in a situation where they can't weasel their way out of having to pay a tax, thus forcing poor people to have to pay whatever the corporations owe. Sure, minimum wage might go up every few years, but it's always behind inflation, so an extra dollar an hour is really less than what you were paid five years ago because the price of commodities has gone up. It really is the case that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, whether taxes are increased or not.

7. To Each According to His Need

If we're going to redistribute wealth, and do it globally and do it right, chances are you won't see a dime. A billion Africans take precedent over the average poor person in America, because they are just that much poorer. Poor people in America have a car, a TV, and are obese, while poor people in Haiti literally eat cakes made from mud to eliminate hunger pangs because there's not enough food to eat a real meal every day.

And if we were to do this just in America? The people who would reap the rewards are the same people who reap them now: the welfare scam artists. Deadbeats who have ten children so they can get food stamps to pay for makeup and booze, people living together who all file separately so the household looks really super poor on paper, I've seen all types. There are people who know how to game the system to suck up as much welfare as possible, and they often live better than the people working two jobs who support them with their taxes. Do you think this would change if we just "tax the rich" more? In a country where 80% of government spending on welfare is lost in bureaucratic inefficiency and political slush funds, I don't think so.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Obama Mentor Repudiates Him

Harvard University law professor Laurence Tribe, a mentor to President Barack Obama, said the administration’s carbon rule for power plants is “a remarkable example of executive overreach” that raises “serious constitutional questions.”

The EPA plan violates the Fifth Amendment, because it takes private property without due process.

Tribe says that this is an attack against the coal industry (which Obama said he would do when he was running for president), and contradicts the Clean Air Act, indicating a separation of powers issue.

You cannot be a liberal and love this president. Not by any definition of the word, the original or the modern. He is a dictator. The only people who still support this president in 2015 are egotistical monsters who believe they know better than everyone else and believe that they should rule everyone else and take away people's free will. That's it. This was never a political issue. I've been saying it for years, this isn't about left and right, we can always disagree on that, this is about right and wrong. The only people who support a dictator are they who are immoral.

Here is Tribe's opening statement where he states that the president is burning the Constitution:

Here's part of what Tribe submitted prior to the hearing in December of 2014:

The defects in the Proposed Rule transcend political affiliations and policy positions and cut across partisan lines. The central principle at stake is the rule of law – the basic premise that EPA must comply with fundamental statutory and constitutional requirements in carrying out its mission. The Proposed Rule should be withdrawn. It is a remarkable example of executive overreach and an administrative agency’s assertion of power beyond its statutory authority. Indeed, the Proposed Rule raises serious constitutional questions.

Both Democrats and Republicans should stand in strong support of the rule of law.

And here you can read his testimony before Congress.

Friday, April 3, 2015

NSA Gate Crashers Update

If you'll remember from Monday:

Two unidentified "men dressed as women" ram the gate at the NSA at Fort Meade in Maryland and shoot up the place. We don't know who they are, whether they're Muslims or not, or what the phrase "dressed as women" means.

Now they've released more information:

The FBI has identified two people who were shot outside the National Security Agency's headquarters on Monday after allegedly stealing an SUV they were driving from a motel.

Kevin Lamont Fleming, 20, and his friend Ricky 'Maya' Shawatza Hall, 27, were allegedly picked up in Baltimore by another man on Sunday night before 'partying' at nearby lodgings in Howard County.

Hall was a homeless transgender prostitute with a long list of felony convictions. The unconscious Fleming is also a criminal. They were at a motel in Baltimore to "party" when they stole a van and somehow drove to the NSA building where a shootout took place. Cocaine, found in the van, may have played a part in the pair's erratic behavior, although their criminal records attest to their being erratic for a long time prior to the deadly shooting.

I'm quite honestly flummoxed by this one. We're either dealing with two people who were just off the nut or there may be a terror connection that is being covered up.