Monday, May 1, 2017

Will Justice Kennedy Retire and Save America?

Fanatical communist Justice Anthony Kennedy, a Reagan appointee (one of Dutch's biggest mistakes), may be close to retirement.

Just to let you know how far to the left politics in America have shifted, Fake News CNN refers to Kennedy, who never seems to disagree with the communists on the court like The Mummy and Ovomit's Angels, as a "centrist conservative".

If the old fart does retire (average age of retirement for SCOTUS is 78.7 years, both Kennedy and The Mummy are over that age) then Congress could nuclear option another of Trump's true conservative judges in and restore the US to the rule of the Constitution.

If this happens then the progressives will lose for the next generation and we can start rebuilding America. We can finally limit, to however small a degree, the power of government and get at least some of our freedom back.

And if that happens, and he doesn't kill us all in nuclear war in Korea or Syria, then Trump will be the greatest president since the real Kennedy - JFK - was murdered by the globalists.