Saturday, August 27, 2016

Clinton Tied to Pedophile Epstine

Emails released by Wikileaks ties the Clintons to big time Deomcrat donor and pedophile sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

In 2008 Epstein secured a sealed plea deal, in which he pled guilty to only one count related to prostitution with a minor, registered as a sex offender, served only a portion of in-home detention, just 13 months of a 19-month sentence within his plush South Florida mansion. A sentence, which was a slap on the wrist, considering Epstein was tied by Palm Beach Police to as many as 40 under-aged girls.

And what does this monster have to do with the Clintons?

In the email chain, flight records show that former President Bill Clinton flew around the world multiple times on the billionaire’s private jet, which was dubbed the “Lolita Express” for its reported reputation of onboard orgies. Clinton took more than 26 flights with Epstein around the world, and flew 10 times abroad to party at the Epstein island home in question, during that period, according to FAA flight logs. The flight logs show that Clinton dismissed his U.S. Secret Service detail for five of those trips.

Attorneys for Epstein have touted his close friendship with the Clintons, claiming the billionaire helped start the Clinton’s family foundation, and he also hosted a trip to Africa in 2002 on his private Boeing 727 for the foundation, which Bill Clinton himself attended. There were multiple witnesses in the Epstein case, along with the flight logs, which place Bill Clinton with Epstein during that time.

And has there been any word from the MSM? Nope. Not one fuck was given. Let's face it, a Clinton could shoot Dan Rather on the Mall in Washington on live TV and it wouldn't tarnish Hitlery's reputation.

Turkey Invades Syria

The Turkish army sent hundreds of soldiers and thousands of radical islamists into Syria three days ago allegedly to eliminate ISIS, but in reality to stop the Kurds from establishing their own state. American airstrikes started off the invasion, providing air cover for the Turkish army.

Make no mistake, this is an illegal action. The army of one sovereign state cannot invade another sovereign state without provocation. This is a de facto declaration of war.

Remember, Erdogan is an Ottomanist. He plans to use the army to "create a safe zone" 40 kilometers deep by 90 kilometers wide in the border region of Syria, effectively carving out a huge chunk of Syria and putting it under indefinite military occupation. This land also just so happens to be the area the Kurds managed to liberate from ISIS. Turkey didn't move on Jarablus - the city they now occupy - until after the Kurds decided to make it their own.

Turkey has also launched unprovoked attacks against Russia, shooting down Russian jets well within Syrian airspace. Should Turkish and Russian forces meet within Syria it is anyone's guess whether Turkey will attack or not. And if they do, if war breaks out between Turkey and Russia, then all of NATO, including the United States, will be dragged into a world war. This is the goal of the neocons like Hitlery Clinton and the war criminal Paul Wolfowitz, the architect of the Iraq War, the man who lied to get the US to invade Iraq, at the cost of 4,500 US lives and $1.1 trillion. These people are salivating over war with Russia because it means more expansion for the military-industrial complex, and the lining of their own pockets with even more money. Neocons like Clinton and Wolfowitz are greedy beyond imagination, and they dream of taking the biggest prize of them all: Russia.