Tuesday, March 31, 2015

How to Keep Clinton Out of Office

Hitlery Roddamn Clinton is guilty of crimes that would prevent her from ever holding office again, keeping her from ever becoming president.

If anyone had the stones to bring her up on charges and convict her. And if Obola didn't pardon her.

In other words there is nothing standing in her way from ruling the country.

Runs 7 minutes.

News Rundown 1

 NSA Gate Crashers

Two unidentified "men dressed as women" ram the gate at the NSA at Fort Meade in Maryland and shoot up the place. We don't know who they are, whether they're Muslims or not, or what the phrase "dressed as women" means. Were the in burkas? Were they in drag? Were they attractive women? All we know is that they "think it isn't terrorism." Two guys shoot up a government facility and you "think" it isn't terrorism? I would "think" it is de facto terrorism, but I don't think with my asshole like politicians do, so what do I know?

Germanwings Disaster

Pilot Andreas Lubitz was found to possess a "small mountain" of drugs, believed to be antidepressants, at his apartment. He was researching suicide on the Internet according to an investigation of his computer. He was not only dealing with depression, but also vision problems and issues with his sexuality, and was concerned that one or more of these issues would cost him his job.

People on antidepressants should not be allowed to pilot a plane, especially a passenger jet. People drunk off alcohol or stoned off marijuana or certain prescription medication are not allowed to drive or pilot a plane, you would think that people who are contemplating suicide and are taking drugs to deal with depression would be the last people anyone would want in control of the lives of hundreds of other people. Not to mention the fact that these antidepressant drugs are very dangerous. They rot the brain. All the mass murders that have taken place in the past two decades are either the result of terrorists or people on these psychotropic drugs. All the school shootings are done by people on these drugs. They make people violent and release inhibition, just like alcohol.