Sunday, February 19, 2017

PewDiePie Champion of Free Speech

PewDiePie is the most subscribed Youtuber ever with nearly 54 million subscribers (myself included), more than double the next highest channel. His videos get over 12 million views a day. It's impossible to understate the reach and influence he has. And that's why the Fake News media have to destroy him.

I subscribed to PewDiePie about a month ago after his channel reached 50 million subscribers. I've watched about five of his videos and it's just not my style, but what he represents is the type of power that the dying fake news media can only dream of. Half of the Wall Street Journal's readers are online, and they represent less than 1/20th of the audience that PewDiePie has. That's why WSJ has launched hit piece after hit piece in an attempt to discredit and destroy their main opposition. If fake news can destroy PewDiePie, that means they can destroy anyone, and that means that the alternative media, we the people, Youtubers, bloggers, citizen journalists, our days are numbered if we let fake news win.

Fake news has held a monopoly on the truth for a century or more, back when print newspapers, and then radio and early television, were the only source of information. Like Pravda in the Soviet Union, fake news could create whatever lies their masters wanted and tens of millions of people had no way to know what was and was not true.

When the Internet came along all of a sudden a counterforce to fake news was created, and fake news' audience has declined monumentally. Since the 90s half of fake news' audience has shifted to the wild west of the Internet, where, for the first time, a variety of opinions could be heard and the people could make up their own minds what to believe.

Fake news is a decade or less away from total extinction. Newspapers will be relics consigned to museums, television will vanish as streaming video allows viewers to pick and choose what they want to see, and music sites will replace Clear Channel's radio monopoly that plays the same shit songs over and over until you start to envy the deaf.

And that is why fake news is so desperate to kill PewDiePie, because he is the strongest among us. That is why we must all rally behind his defense, because if PewDiePie goes down we all do.