Friday, January 13, 2017

Trump Calls CNN "Fake News"!

I've hated the MSM for many decades, and my hatred has only grown over the years. I hate that they present themselves as the gatekeepers of the truth. I hate their smug sense of self-righteousness. I hate all the lies they tell all the time and pretend that anyone who wants to examine the evidence is a conspiracy theorist, or any other pejorative. And I hate the way they're always laughing about everything. Even when I just turn on the traffic and weather, the people on the TV are laughing. "It's raining outside. HA HA! How about that rain? Amma right? Best to stay indoors today. HA HA!" They all act like it's 420 24/7.

Remember when CNN aired fake news stories about scud missile attacks in Saudi Arabia, and you see two guys standing in the studio in front of a blue screen with some potted plants in the background and a $5 siren blaring that you could buy at Radio Shack?

I've wanted to tell these people off for years, and now Donald Trump as President of the United States has finally demonstrated that he is not only the will of the people, but the mouth of the people. In his first official press conference Donald Trump called Buzzfeed "a failing pile of garbage", and he said CNN is "a disgrace" for promoting the Buzzfeed "Pissgate" lie and for attacking Trump's attorney Michael Cohen with more vicious lies. The White House correspondent for CNN tried to shame Trump, but Trump smacked him down, calling CNN "fake news."

Fake news is a term the MSM started using during the election to brandish everyone who opposes Clinton as part of the vast right-wing conspiracy that Clinton made up out of wholecloth during her husbeen's tenure in office. Fake news is the term they use for real investigative journalism, for real citizen journalists who are not beholden to the 85 richest people on the planet who control 50% of all the wealth, for all the real journalists who expose the crimes of the government and of the elite. Now Donald Trump, the President of the United States, has called out CNN for what it really is: the propaganda arm of the global elite. CNN is the same as Pravda in the Soviet Union.

This is what it looks like when the global elite cry. This is what it looks like when people who have gotten rich from looking pretty and lying to the public lost their grip on power. People are booing the media in public. The people have begun to wake up to the fact that we are getting shafted, that we are being controlled, and now we are starting to rise up and cast aside our chains, and all because Donald Trump has been elected and has given us permission to live our lives with freedom and dignity.