Saturday, March 14, 2015

Record Antarctic Sea Ice

Antarctic sea ice has expanded to its greatest extent since records have been kept.

At the same time 20 of the US states have experienced the coldest temperatures on record for those states. Coldness records are being broken all the time. 2014 was the coldest year in at least a decade. Not only has no warming been measured since 1998, but the Earth has seen marked cooling since then, despite increase in atmospheric CO2.

Now I am a real environmentalist. I want poachers to be shot dead in the face, I want whaling ships to be sunk, I want to see pollution cleaned up, overfishing and deforestation to stop, I want farm animals to be treated humanely and not pumped full of vaccines, and dangerous and unnecessary GMO crops to be eliminated, and I want the people responsible for damaging the environment to be punished to the maximum extent possible. That said, global warming, or climate change, is a total scam. It is a hoax, a fraud, the biggest pack of lies ever perpetrated in the history of humanity. The single biggest factor in the Earth's climate is the Sun, which is beginning a 30 year cooling cycle like it did during the 1970s when there was a scientific consensus that a new ice age was about to begin and nuclear bombs should be set off in the Arctic to melt all the ice and save humanity. Human impact on the environment is disastrous, but human impact on the climate is almost negligible.