Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Trump Builds The Wall

Tired of winning yet?

Not only has President Trump authorised the Keystone pipeline, the Dakota pipeline, he banned federal funding of ethnic cleansing abroad, he killed the TPP, and he wants to work with Russia to eliminate ISIS, President Trump has just used Maobama's "pen and stool" to sign a new executive order to begin construction of the border wall.

Trump signed an executive order diverting money to DHS to start building the wall. He's also stopping the importation of rapefugees from certain countries like Syria that are hotbeds for terrorism.

Trump is not a politician. He does not mess around. He does not stall, he does not equivocate, he is a businessman, he is a builder, he gets things done, on time and under budget. And he's already done more in 4 days than I honestly thought he would do in 4 years. I had fear he would be all talk, or that he would get stalled in Congress, but he's done it. My fears have evapourated. Trump is fulfilling his promises left and right, and I'm not tired of winning yet.