Thursday, April 6, 2017

Trump Catastrophic Blunder - War with Syria?

President Trump, who ran on a policy of America First, no more Team America, no more pointless foreign wars, has just authorised the use of force against the Assad regime in Syria after a false flag chemical attack.

Some 50 Tomahawk missiles were launched from U.S. Navy warships in the Mediterranean Sea, the U.S. official said, speaking on condition of anonymity. A target was identified as an airbase in Homs. Further details on the target and the results of the strikes were not immediately known.

That's $70.5 million literally burned in a suicidal attack against Syria.

Trump had previously said that the US should ally itself with Russia, and, by extension, the Assad regime in Syria to defeat ISIS. He said ISIS is the real enemy.

We know Assad destroyed all his chemical weapons. Assad handed his weapons over to the US Army, which destroyed them in 2014. This was after the terrorists, either ISIS or the "moderate rebels" had used chemical weapons in 2013 they had purchased from Saudi Arabia.

There's no reason why Trump would do such a thing, so I'll have to assume there's either stupidity or duplicity involved. Either a powerful coalition of warmongers within Washington have managed to overpower him or he's doing this to prove to the extreme far left that has taken over half the country that he is not Putin's puppet. Trump has either been tricked by warmongers like McCaine or he's done something incredibly stupid in an attempt to persuade hardliners who will hate him no matter what he does.

$70.5 million. Think of how many homeless veterans could have been gotten off the street. How many of them could have been gotten into rehab? How many decaying bridges could have been repaired? How many jobs created? We the working class poor elected Trump to bring back jobs and keep us out of pointless wars, not continue the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama policy of policing the world.

We don't need more young people to die overseas decapitating secular leaders and handing the Middle East to Islamists. We don't need a world war with Russia and Iran. We elected Trump to avoid armageddon, not to continue on as Hitlery Roddamn Clinton would have.

Cease the madness. Listen to reason. Get the fuck out of Syria and focus on fixing America. Focus on jobs and infrastructure. Stop throwing away our blood and treasure on pointless adventures that do nothing but increase our debt and embolden our enemies.