Saturday, April 9, 2016

Are Big Name Conservatives on the Take?

New alligations have surfaced regarding the sudden surge in anti-Trump rhetoric from supposedly "conservative" media figures. "Allegedly" here is what is happening:

Why are "conservative" talkshow hosts jumping on the bandwagon of hating Donald Trump? Why does Gleonard Becklestein rub Vicks in his eyes and cry, pretend he's Jesus and proclaim that "no true Christian" would vote for Daddy? Why does Mark Luving, who also has the same creepy white stubble as Beck, praise the war crime of the Dresdin firebombing, which was intentionally launched against a group of 300,000 civilian refugees in a city with no military targets, and served to needlessly prolong the war when driving on Berlin would have been so much quicker, and in the same breath he says the illegal Canadian Rafael Cruz is literally Ronald Reagan reborn?

Why are supposed "conservatives" (what does that really mean, anyway? Someone who wants to put Reagan's face on Mt. Rushmore?) so opposed to the one man who can unite America, audit the Fed, close the border, release the missing 9/11 Commission Report pages, fight back in the trade war against China and other countries, prevent nuclear war with Russia, and bring jobs back to America? Why are all the supposed "conservatives" saying they would vote for Hitlery rather than Trump? Why are all the supposed "conservatives" backing a spinless establishment Republican who has absolutely no chance of winning the general election, and who has proven himself as worthless and pathetic in Congress? An establishment Republican who will lie through his teeth, waving around a life-sized crucifix and the original Gutenberg Bible, while drinking strychnine, dancing with snakes, and convulsing on the ground speaking in tongues. An establishment Republican who is literally in bed with the Goldman Sachs.

Simple. They're paid.

Establishment GOP groups gives good money to commentators like Levin and Beck to support Cruz. The Senate Conservatives Fund purchased tens of thousands of copies of Mark Levin's books at cover price even though the books had been remaindered and could be sold for pennies, on condition that Levin promote Cruz.

David Barton, the head of another pro-Cruz super PAC, is also deeply in bed with Glenn Beck, and is in place to funnel millions into Beck's pockets to promote Cruz.

Erick Erickson, founder of, has been given at least $3 million by another establishment GOP super PAC to speak ill of Trump.