Monday, October 10, 2016

Bill Clinton is a Rapist

"Nobody can dispute the fact -"

Absolute perfect timing.

Trump DESTROYS Clinton!

That wasn't a debate, it was a fucking blood bath! When he brought up what Bill did, and when Hillary got that rapist out of jail, the camera focused on Bill's face and it looked like he was going to die! This was like Muhammad Ali beating the shit out of a wet sponge, that's how lopsided the debate was.

Before the debate there was a pre-show with Trump and all the women Bill sexually abused. That destroyed Hillary before the debate even started and set the tone for the entire narrative Trump was crafting the whole evening.

Trump hit her nonstop. He dominated the narrative of the whole debate, steering every question his way, running out the clock so Hitlery didn't have time to respond. You could read Hitlery's expressions throughout the debate, no one has ever treated her like this before (except her husband). This was supposed to be her coronation, and Trump just hammered away at every lie she told (he called her a liar like 50 times), he kept quoting Bernie Sanders saying Clinton has poor judgment, he displayed supreme confidence, and was able to convince people that he is an expert on everything Clinton doesn't know about international politics and economics.

Then there was this, probably the most memorable moment of the evening. Hillary said that "It's good Trump isn't in charge of the country," to which Trump instantly shot back "Because you'd be in jail." The crowd exploded!

Trump also made a promise before the audience that as soon as he gets into office he is going to have the DoJ launch a special investigation into all of Clinton's crimes.

And the best part? Everything Trump said was true! Everything he said about Clinton has been verified by facts

Clinton failed on every level. A fly landed on her face, making people associate her with a pile of shit, she utterly failed to defend calling tens of millions of Americans "deplorable," and she blamed her two-face remarks from the paid speech WikiLeaks released on Abe Lincoln! That's a new low, blaming Honest Abe for some dumb shit you've said.

This is how you destroy the political establishment.