Friday, February 24, 2017

The Necessity of a Russo-American Alliance

Americans harbor fantastical racism toward Russians. The easy answer might be to say it is a hold over from the Cold War, but the hatred runs far deeper than that.

It is true that Americans hated Russians during the Cold War, and Russians thought it was because of communism. However, after the Soviet Union collapsed, Americans still hated Russians. Americans hate Russians not because of communism, but because Russians are Russians.

The trouble goes back all the way to the beginning of the Russian state. Russia was always the other, never quite Europe, but not Asia. After four centuries of harassment and repression at the hands of the Turks, the powerful Russian empire stood poised to obliterate the Ottoman empire and deal the Turks reprisal for enslaving half of Europe. The great powers should have cheered Russia on and provided aid and moral support. Instead France and Britain, enemies for a thousand years, joined forces and helped the Turks defeat the Russians in the Crimean War.

Britain and France saw in the Ottoman empire a puppet, where as in Russia they saw a rival. Vast beyond all imagining, with a bottomless supply of resources and manpower, Russia could swallow up the world if given half a chance. It's better to stick to the devil you know than these sub-human sons of Vikings.

America, as heir to the West, inherited hatred of Russia along with British common law and the English language.

Russia is an upstart. They are not an Ancien RĂ©gime like Britain or France or even Germany, who, through intermarriage, managed to take control of all the ruling houses of Europe without firing a shot. We can always pretend Germany, or the Holy Roman Empire, is successor to Rome, even though no such entity existed until 1871.

The Russians, on the other hand, they just appeared in the sixteenth century. They are also Orthodox Christians, not good Protestants like the British or Germans. Even the French Catholics with their Vatican voodoo are better than the crazy beards and fur caps of the mad Russian monks.

And Russians were not true full-blooded Europeans, they were Slavic untermensch. They weren't animals like Africans or Asians, they were more sophisticated, more sinister. They were like Neanderthals, animals that masqueraded as men. But the veneer of civilisation was never thick enough to convince the inbred cliques of Western Europe that Slavs were fully human like themselves.

That hatred, along with the insatiable bloodlust of the military-industrial-intelligence-media complex, is fueling a Cold War 2 and threatening to tear apart any detente that President Trump hopes to build with Russia.

The Cold War was fueled by the bottomless desire for money and influence. Where once Uncle Joe Stalin had provided the bulk of the effort to stop the Nazis, with Roosevelt and Churchill happily smoking away with the Supreme Soviet, the end of the war had posed an existential threat to the nascent deep state. Without arms contracts the endless supply of money would dry up. With no enemy to spy on the intelligence apparatchiks would have to take jobs selling carpets or working in a delicatessen. No, they needed to concoct a new war so the party would never stop, and they fell back on the easiest target: Russia.

The military-industrial-intelligence complex, of both super powers, had to get rid of Kennedy and Khrushchev because they faced off eye to eye and found common ground and then turned inward to repair their broken countries. After the Cuban Missile Crisis, when the missiles were removed from Cuba and Turkey and almost 20 years of hostilities between the USA and USSR began to cool, Kennedy tried to restrain the power of the CIA and the private Federal Reserve, and Khrushchev tried to take resources away from the KGB and the arms manufacturers to improve the welfare of the Soviet citizens. Naturally they had to be removed and two war hawks, LBJ and Brezhnev, put in power.

Militarism, not communism, destroyed the USSR, and it very nearly destroyed the USA. USA just had a head start in terms of money it could lose, having avoided a disastrous civil war and destruction of 20% of its industry in WWII. If both countries started off on an even playing field both would have collapsed around the same time.

Of course the USSR couldn't compete. 3 million dead in WWI, another 4-5 million wounded. Loss of most of Russia's agricultural land. 6 years of civil war, another 3 million dead, at least. 7 million dead in famines in 1921-22, another 5-10 million dead in famine in 1932-33. At least 20-26 million dead in WWII, plus the destruction of at least 20% of all Soviet industry and agricultural land.

The Cold War was like a heavyweight champion fighting against some guy with both legs and an arm tied behind his back, and still, despite all that, in a single lifetime, people in the Soviet Union started basically as slaves living off the land making nothing to ending up making half of what people in America were making in 1991.

Imagine what could have happened if Kennedy and Khrushchev were allowed to make peace instead of being eliminated and having pointless war continue.

Imagine now what a glorious future we can live in if Trump and Putin are able to bring our two nations together. One unified force to eliminate Islamic terrorism, one unified force to chart a path to Mars and the outer moons. American technical know-how combined with the ironclad faith of the Russian Orthodox Church can restore Western civilisation to the glory it once was before materialism, atheism, cultural relativism, and moral nihilism began to eat away at the very heart of the greatest civilisation in human history.

I've spoken on this topic at length. The emptiness that has taken root in the West is the driving force behind Islamic terrorism. Lack of religion in the West, lack of value and meaning to life, is creating a vacuum, both spiritual and physical. Westerners are refusing to breed, so to solve the problem of a rapidly declining population, Angela Merkin, like a reverse Hitler, is flooding Europe with Islamic third-worlders. With no strong Christianity within Europe, there is nothing to stop those migrants from forming rape gangs and burning Sweden to the ground. Merkin is committing genocide against the German people.

The only thing that can keep the West from falling to pieces is strong Christian faith and a desire to breed, providing both the spiritual and physical bulwark against the endless hordes of Islamic migrants who believe women are property, rape is acceptable, homosexuals should be murdered, and all knowledge should be burned except for a single, all-encompassing book that can be interpreted six ways till Sunday by every back alley cleric and self-proclaimed Caliph.

And the only place where Christianity still reigns in Europe is Mother Russia.

We've watched as secular states in the Middle East and north Africa have been decapitated: Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan (the pro-Soviet government the United States destroyed by creating Al Qaeda). Egypt was nearly destroyed, and by every indication it appears that Erdogan of Turkey is an Islamist. The United States has its sights on Syria and Iran, two of Russia's allies. They should be our allies too, in the war against radical Islam. You see, even though the people there are overwhelmingly Muslim, they are ruled by rational actors who fully embrace technology and the twentieth century. Iran provided the US with support in eliminating the Taliban after 9/11. That's not because they are pro-America, Tehran just didn't want radical Islamists at their doorstep. There is also a horrendous heroin problem in Iran, fueled by the vast fields of opium poppies that grow from one horizon to the other in Afghanistan. Just as Britain and America sided with Stalin in World War Two, Iran sided with America against the Taliban because they shared a common enemy.

The United States went to war in Afghanistan out of revenge. Iran did so because they don't want mad, seventh century barbarians right next door poisoning and murdering their people.

Secular dictatorships in the Middle East are necessary to keep radical Islam from spreading, just as strong adherence to Christianity is necessary in Europe for the same reason. There were no refugees when Gaddafi was in power. He provided his people with free housing, food, water, and jobs, all paid for by the ocean of oil Libya sits atop, and he provided security by eliminating any Islamist barbarian who tried to stir up discord. The same is true with Assad in Syria.

If you sow the wind you will reap the whirlwind. If the United States works with Russia, Syria, and Iran to defeat radical Islam, everyone's lives will improve. There will be no need for anyone to migrate to Europe because Syria and Iraq themselves will be safe once again. Everyone wins except the arms manufacturers and the intelligence agencies.

That is why it is imperative that Trump is able to defeat the chickenhawks in Washington. That is why US troops need to be pulled out of Poland and the Baltic states, why the people of Crimea be permitted to stay in Russia where they voted to be. If the West is to survive, if world peace is truly to be realised, there must be an alliance between the US and Russia. If not then the West is destined to be reduced to dust in the wind.

Monday, February 20, 2017

"Blind Sheik" Omar Abdel-Rahman Dies and Goes to Hell

Omar Abdel-Rahman, mastermind behind the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, has died from complications of obesity in prison after decades of eating better than me. Seriously, have you seen Guantanamo? Those guys need Jenny Craig bad. Rahman was sentenced to life in prison PLUS 15 YEARS, so I guess they'll keep his body in the cell until 2032. Might want to get some spray, because that thing is going to stink.

Since Rahman did not blow himself up he doesn't get any virgins, which might not be all that bad considering that they tend to be 400 pounds and like to play Dungeons and Dragons. All Rahman gets is the consolation prize of Satan shoving a pineapple up his ass for eternity.

Rot in Hell you piece of shit!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

PewDiePie Champion of Free Speech

PewDiePie is the most subscribed Youtuber ever with nearly 54 million subscribers (myself included), more than double the next highest channel. His videos get over 12 million views a day. It's impossible to understate the reach and influence he has. And that's why the Fake News media have to destroy him.

I subscribed to PewDiePie about a month ago after his channel reached 50 million subscribers. I've watched about five of his videos and it's just not my style, but what he represents is the type of power that the dying fake news media can only dream of. Half of the Wall Street Journal's readers are online, and they represent less than 1/20th of the audience that PewDiePie has. That's why WSJ has launched hit piece after hit piece in an attempt to discredit and destroy their main opposition. If fake news can destroy PewDiePie, that means they can destroy anyone, and that means that the alternative media, we the people, Youtubers, bloggers, citizen journalists, our days are numbered if we let fake news win.

Fake news has held a monopoly on the truth for a century or more, back when print newspapers, and then radio and early television, were the only source of information. Like Pravda in the Soviet Union, fake news could create whatever lies their masters wanted and tens of millions of people had no way to know what was and was not true.

When the Internet came along all of a sudden a counterforce to fake news was created, and fake news' audience has declined monumentally. Since the 90s half of fake news' audience has shifted to the wild west of the Internet, where, for the first time, a variety of opinions could be heard and the people could make up their own minds what to believe.

Fake news is a decade or less away from total extinction. Newspapers will be relics consigned to museums, television will vanish as streaming video allows viewers to pick and choose what they want to see, and music sites will replace Clear Channel's radio monopoly that plays the same shit songs over and over until you start to envy the deaf.

And that is why fake news is so desperate to kill PewDiePie, because he is the strongest among us. That is why we must all rally behind his defense, because if PewDiePie goes down we all do.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

More Truth on President Trump's Non-Muslim Ban

Demoshits have restricted immigration far more than Republicans.

Reagan suspended immigration to specific groups 5 times.
George HW Bush suspended immigration to specific groups1 time.
Clinton suspended immigration to specific groups 12 times.
George W Bush suspended immigration to specific groups 6 times.
And Ovomit suspended immigration to specific groups 19 times.

Ovomit also bombed 6 of the 7 countries on Trump's ban list, which actually started out as Ovomit's list.

I don't know about ye, but if someone bombed my country I would be pretty pissed off at whoever was doing it. Being infirm I wouldn't do anything myself, but I'd probably feel that some strapping young lad would be justified to take revenge against the enemy country through acts of terrorism.

It makes absolute perfect sense not to allow people into your country who are from countries that you have in the recent past or currently are bombing.

On top of that, the most populous Muslim countries, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, are not on the list! If this was a Muslim ban those seven countries would top the list, not the ones that Trump has temporarily suspended travel from.

Progressives Are NOT Liberal

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report used to consider himself a progressive. In case ye've forgotten what a progressive is, Pat Condell provides a very succinct definition. And if that's not enough, here's a playlist of Pat Condell videos. Dave Rubin no longer considers himself a progressive. In fact, he's surprised to say he's no longer on the left! The left has moved so far to the left that Dave now finds himself on what is considered the extreme far right!

The Definition of Progressive

Pat Condell explains, brilliantly, the difference between liberals and progressives.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Why Obama Was The Worst President Ever

Back in 2008 people were saying that John McCain would be "four more years of Bush." I countered with the eerily prescient statement that Obama would be "four more terms of Bush". Seeing as how he took us to war with 7 countries, spent more than twice as much as Bush (more than all previous presidents combined), increased warrant-less wiretapping, prosecuted more whistleblowers than all previous presidents combined, started a race war, and a whole list of other offenses, I'd say he was far worse than four terms of Bush.

Stefan Molyneux explains in excruciating detail why Ovomit was the worst president of all time, and probably forever into the future.