Thursday, November 10, 2016

Poor Minorities Elected Trump

Looking at the exit polls, Trump did exactly what I said he would 22 January 2016. To quote myself "Trump is the only person that people left, right, and center will vote for, because he speaks for the hearts and minds of real middle America.... Trump can steal working class and youth votes from the Democrats and win in a landslide."

I was wrong about the landslide, but he did win because of the reasons I predicted. Trump pulled in 16% more poor people than Romney did in 2012, 7% more blacks, 8% more Latinos, and 11% more Asians. He also got 5% more voters under age 30. Trump won because poor people, minorities, and young people switched sides from the Democrats.

Furthermore, Trump lost votes among people earning over $50,000 a year. Rich people fled to Clinton while poor people jumped to Trump.

If it was only whites voting for Trump he would have lost. It was only by pursuing the strategy of siphoning off voters who have been traditionally Democratic for the past 50 years that Trump was able to win. And I predicted that 8 months ago. And now I'm probably done gloating.

President Obama Full Speech on Donald Trump Win

President Obama Full Speech on Election 2016 Results | President Obama has extended an invitation to president-elect Donald Trump to meet with him at the White House on Thursday. Press secretary Josh Earnest said in a statement that the president called both Trump and Hillary Clinton following the results of the election early Wednesday.

[It was a very gracious, dignified speech. And, even if it's all bullshit, the message is 100% accurate. We all have to come together.]