Monday, January 30, 2017

Proof of Voter Fraud

PRESIDENT Donald J. Trump was absolutely right. There was voter fraud.

Hitlery Roddamn Clinton received at least 800,000 illegal votes from non-citizens. And that's not some right-wing blog saying that, it's the Washington Times, an actual print newspaper, which is allegedly "real" news. Political scientist Jesse Richman of Old Dominion University conducted a study of national polling and concluded that 834,381 of Hitlery's 2.8 million vote lead over President Trump came from non-citizens voting illegally, and the number of illegal votes for Hitlery may be as high as 1.13 million. Not as high as President Trump's upper bound of 5 million, but possibly enough to give Hitlery a few states she would have otherwise lost.

The Trump administration absolutely needs to conduct an investigation of this issue. If democracy really is important to people like Hitlery Clinton, and Jill Steen, and all the other kvetching leftists, then an investigation is necessary to preserve the American system of governance and American values people like Coory Booker and other idiots have all of a sudden started harping about.