Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Trump in Louisiana

While the worst president we've ever had was golfing with billionaires in Martha's Vineyard, and the reptilian Hitlery Roddamn Clinton was off deleting emails, Donald Trump, the saviour of Western civilisation, went down to Louisiana to help the people suffering in the worst flooding since Katrina.

Trump went down of his own accord, spending his own money, seeking nothing more than to help the tens of thousands who have been displaced, and everywhere he went the media hounded him. The American media are worse than Pravda. At least you knew Pravda was pure propaganda, in the US the media pretend to be honest and unbiased when it is as obvious as day following night that they are the lapdogs of the Washington establishment.

The people who are suffering were grateful for Trump's aid. Establishment politicians were furious. President Obola railed against Trump for going, in stark contradiction to his railing against Bush for not going after Katrina. That's because he's a vicious liar who believes in nothing and will say anything to amass power for himself. The governor of Louisiana, some communist establishment politician, also launched a vicious attack against Trump, saying Trump is a narcissist who only came down to make himself look good. Later, after enough of his constituents complained about his vicious lies, Governor Commie retracted his statement and thanked Trump through his teeth.

Just recently, no doubt hoping to cash in on the momentum Trump created, Obola, the worst president ever, went to Louisiana to pretend he cares about the people who were displaced by the flood.