Monday, April 27, 2015

"Space to Destroy"

What the actual fuck? Giving rioters "space to destroy"? Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake should be put in jail for being an accessory to these crimes. This is a felony and she should be in federal prison for what she has done.

Baltimore police possibly murdered a resident Freddie Gray, he was alive when they arrested him and when he got to the station he was dead with a snapped neck and there are no witnesses to how that happened. What, he didn't snap his own neck, that's for certain, so this seems likely that it was murder, or at least negligent homicide and those officers should go to jail for that. But to go from that to destroying the property of innocent people is evil. It is pure evil. Those rioters are minions of Satan and mayor Rawlings-Blake is enabling satanic evil to destroy her own city.

A real mayor, someone who loves her city, would have called the National Guard to shoot these rioters in the face like they deserve. A real mayor would not allow the vermin of the city to trap innocent people in the baseball stadium and turn the streets of the city into Hell on Earth.

Free speech does not include damage to other people's property. Free speech does not include "space to destroy" or to harm the lives of others. That is criminal activity and needs to be punished in accordance with the law.

Hasn't Baltimore suffered enough? It's another city crippled by poverty and bloated, useless government building projects that fail to bring fleeing businesses back. Do these monsters really need to burn the city down like Newark in 1968 or LA in 1992? Unbelievable that this trash got elected in the first place.

News Rundown 2

Drilling for Earthquakes

Pumping water into the ground after extracting oil and gas has been linked with an outbreak of earthquakes in the middle of the US, clustered around Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Geological Survey says that the practice is very likely the main cause of the dramatic increase in seismic activity.

Drilling for oil and gas produces waste water, and this water has to go somewhere, so wells are dug and the water is pumped into the ground between impermeable layers of rock to avoid contaminating the groundwater supply. While the water table may be safe, all that water forced between the rocks appears to have caused nearly ten thousand earthquakes in the past four years, half of them in 2014 alone.

Russia Evacuates Americans from Yemen

The US government doesn't care enough about its citizens to evacuate them from a war zone, unlike every other country on the planet. Thankfully Russia stepped up to become the unlikely hero of dozens of Americans stranded in Yemen. While official US policy is to bankrupt Russia and start a nuclear world war by installing a puppet regime in Ukraine, Russia holds no animus toward innocent Americans caught behind enemy lines and brought them to safety.

CIA Murders Americans, President Apologizes

CIA drone strikes against an al Qaeda compound in Pakistan (or "Pok-E-Ston") in January has resulted in the deaths of kidnapped aid workers American Warren Weinstein and Italian Giovanni Lo Porto. Despite surveilling the site for "hundreds of hours," the CIA was unaware that the two men were kept inside the building.

The President says he takes "full responsibility for all counterterrorism operations." Since the US is not technically at war with anyone, and these covert actions are of highly questionable legality, does that make the President responsible for negligent homicide? After all, these are not inadvertent casualties of war, collateral damage, this is the US government going around murdering people (very bad people, mind you) and civilians getting caught in the crossfire, including US citizens who are being denied their lives without due process of law.

At the very least there should be proper civilian oversight of these drone operations, instead of the cloak and dagger dealings of the CIA. Why are these operations not being carried out by the Department of Defense like military actions? Instead they are being carried out by the CIA like mafia contract killings with no say or restraint from Congress.