Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Unreal Truth of Clinton's Birther Connection

Both CNN and MSNBC have accepted in the past that Trump did not start the birther theory, that the exact person who originated the rumor is unknown, but Clinton staffers jumped on the movement in 2007.

Obama's publisher even mentioned in a promotion for his book , Dreams From My Father that Obama was born in Kenya until just before he began his presidential campaign.

James Asher, former McClatchy Washington Bureau Chief, says Clinton ally Sidney Blumenthal told him about it and asked him to look into it.

The Clinton campaign in 2008 circulated a picture of Obama in African attire, furthering the rumor that he was not born in the US, and was ineligible to be president.

When Clinton says Trump started the birther rumor that is a blatant lie. It doesn't matter who started the birther movement, what is fact is that Clinton did use the birther rumor to her advantage in 2007 and 2008, long before Trump ever brought up the issue.