Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Have the RINOs Corrupted Trump?

The short answer is No.

The honest answer is it's too early to tell.

The long answer is that maybe Trump has corrupted the RINOs.

In Judo you use your opponents' power against them. That's what it appears as if Trump is doing.

Trump promised to drain the swamp, so why does it look like he's filling his cabinet with the swamp dwellers? Why has the cast of Deliverance taken up all of Trump's cabinet positions? Why is Willard Romney up for Secretary of State? Why is Bitch McConnell's wife up for Secretary of Transportation? Why is Reince Priebus the Chief of Staff?

Has the RNC totally taken over the government?

Maybe, but nothing in Trump's campaign was what it seemed, so what are the odds that the candidate who broke every rule and waged such a brilliantly unpredictable campaign all of a sudden has become predictable? What are the odds that the same people, the MSM and the pundits, who have been wrong about absolutely everything, are all of a sudden right about Trump's cabinet picks?

If history is any indicator of the future then it seems clear that the obvious answer, that Trump has been co opted by the RNC, is wrong.

So what is happening?

Trump needs to get things done. He needs to end corruption, to drain the swamp. More importantly, he needs to take us out of pointless (and endless) foreign wars, bring back jobs, fix national infrastructure, and secure the border. Unless Trump's policies succeed big league over the next two years, come mid-term the Dems will sweep Congress and Trump will become a lame duck. Winning, making America great, is the only way to secure a full four years of Trumpism, and to possibly secure a re-election in 2020. A re-election is the only way to secure a future for America, because we need one whole generation to grow up in a growing economy, one whole generation growing up without progressivism, without social justice, in order to secure a future not only for America but for the West.

And in order to do that Trump needs to use his opponent's greatest strength to his advantage: a full Republican Congress. The RNC has not co opted Trump, Trump has co opted the RNC to push just enough Trumpism through Congress to secure future wins in the mid-term and in 2020.

If Trump were to totally ignore the Republicans in Congress then Trumpism would be dead in the water the day he got into office. Then the Dems would win in the mid-term, and Clinton (who is already eying a 2020 run for President) would win on the "See, I told you so" ticket.

The only way for Trump to drain the swamp is to keep progressives out of power for as long as possible and slowly move America's center of gravity to the right. The ONLY way for Trump to win is to make the RNC THINK it had won, to make the RNC THINK it had beaten him. Trump has not caved to the RNC, he's playing them to get what he wants, which is a great America.

Trump is a lot smarter than you think. He's a lot smarter than all the pundits and prognosticators. He has not surrendered his principles, he's not moving to the left, he's moving the left to the right.

Remember, it's taken 24 years to push America from center-right to left-far left. America can't go back to center-right overnight, it will take a whole generation. We need two full terms of Trumpism to make America great again. Trump is playing the long game, which to many supporters (and nearly all opponents) is too long. The future gains Trump is working toward are too far in the future for the average person to see. But I'm not the average person. I knew from the beginning Trump would win, and I knew how he would win. I can see farther into the future than most people, and the future looks better than what most people suspect, at least for now.

And all the nay sayers, and the doom sayers, the fear porn merchants, all they are doing is engaging in histrionics. All they are doing is exactly what they've been doing for the past year: under estimate Trump.