Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Trump's Victory Averted World War III

Alex Jones and Stefan Molyneux express most of the points I brought up in my case for Trump.

Trump is not even in office yet and already the next world war has been averted. Clinton was threatening the Russians, Russia and China were being surrounded by NATO bases, the world stared death in the face. And now that Trump has been elected, other countries will be falling at his feet. We, the Trump voters, together saved the world. Rational world leaders will be much more open to compromise knowing that billions of people came within a hair's breadth of annihilation.

Stefan also brought up the third big issue of mine: school choice. We know that the KGB infiltrated the US in the 60s and 70s. We know that academia is outright communism. We know that two generations have had their minds poisoned with communism, since the Department of Education was founded in 1975.

If Trump does enough to get re-elected, and he is able to bring back jobs, put a stop to Team America, and is able to implement school choice, that buys us a lot of time. If Trump's successor, whoever that might be, gets in, if we can somehow get 16 years of Trump-like control in Washington, we can produce a whole new generation that has not been brainwashed. Trump right now is just a finger in the dam. Four terms of Trump-like presidents would fix the dam for the next 50 years. 50 years of freedom means the death of communism, the death of progressivism, the death of cultural Marxism, because these people are not breeding. If we can hold them off for four terms we can assure that when they die there will be no one to replace them, and then our birthrate will defeat them permanently.