Friday, April 7, 2017

Trump, the Limp-Dicked Response, and the Impotent, Warmongering Media

59 Tomahawk missiles, $83.2 million, not counting the cost of running the ships.

Trump apologists say that he's playing 26-dimensional chess. They support him for doing things they condemned Obama for doing, just like Obama supporters praised him for doing things they condemned Bush for doing. Most people, 90% of people, have no principles. They just believe in the Team. Democrats Bad, Republicans Good! Or Republicans Bad, Democrats Good! The New World Order marches on, "Left, Right, Left, Right, Left!" And nothing ever changes. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Remember the last gas attack in 2013? UN inspectors were in Syria and the town next to where the inspectors were inspecting was hit by a gas attack on the day the inspectors were there. Assad had invited the UN in and then, allegedly, he gassed his own people right next to where the UN inspectors were! The chickenhawk warmonger media all condemned Assad. Then it later came out that the "moderate" rebels were the ones who launched the gas attack to make it appear as if Assad were doing something illegal.

It made no sense for Assad to use gas when and where the UN would obviously find out and then demand a regime change. It had all the hallmarks of a false flag, and it was later proven that it was.

Now Assad, with Russia's help, is close to winning the war. ISIS and the "moderate" rebels are on the run everywhere, and the good, secular Assad government looks like it will restore order in Syria where half a million people have died and millions have been displaced.

And, just by chance, Assad gasses his own people again! Who would have thought?

This does not make sense.

Allegedly nerve gas was used, sarin, an extremely potent chemical weapon. And the emergency personnel who responded to the attack wore no protective clothing. They handled people who had been exposed to the gas and to supposedly contaminated material just in regular clothing, no masks, no boots, no gloves, no plastic suits, nothing. That does not make sense. If sarin gas had been used those EMTs would have been exposed and would be sick or dying right now.

That does not make sense. It doesn't fit. If it doesn't fit, you must acquit.

Then Trump calls the air base in Syria and tells them to evacuate because he's going to drop some bombs, and then launches 59 Tomahawk missiles to crater the tarmac. It was the most limp-dicked military response since when Obama drew all those red lines in the sand and then did nothing.

$83 million to crater some tarmac. How many homeless vets could have been taken off the streets and put into rehab with that money? How many bridges could have been repaired? How many miles of wall could have been built? How many American jobs could have been created?

How many campaign promises were broken just to win the approval of political opponents? What's more important, creating jobs or getting extreme far left communists and right wing chickenhawks to like him? Is he US President or high school president? This is the same bullshit narcissism and chickenhawk behavior that I condemned in Bush and Obama.

Remember my magnum opus last year when I outlined the three things Trump needs to do to fix America. He needs to focus on creating jobs, securing the border and getting us out of foreign wars, and school choice. What's he doing?

He said Russia should be our natural ally in Syria against ISIS. What did he do? He attacked Russia's ally and gave ISIS a victory over the Syrian army.

He said that ISIS was our real enemy, not Assad. What did he do? He attacked Assad and handed ISIS a victory.

He said that the President needs congressional approval to launch military attacks. What did he do? He acted unilaterally in attacking Syria.

He talked a good game about vetting the refugees who come from countries that hate us. What did he do? He bombed Syria, creating more people who hate us that now won't be vetted because the communist judges keep blocking him.

Trump apologists will say this is 3,000-dimensional chess. Trump is trying to kill the meme that he's a Russian plant. Because how can Putin's puppet bomb Putin's ally? How can Putin's puppet threaten Russia's warm water port in Syria by empowering ISIS? Please like me, progs. Please clap. And the warmongers on the right, McCain and the son-in-law, and others in Congress who used to be nevertrumpers? Please clap. In the official Trump hagiography Trump is building coalitions of political opponents who will now fall to his feet because he bombed a tarmac in Syria. Then, allegedly, Trump will get 100% approval because 'Murica, Fuck yeah! Coming again to save the motherfucking day, yeah!

The truth is he's falling for the globalist narrative. He's abandoning "Americanism not globalism."

This is why Trump was elected. He was elected to drain the swamp, not to inhale as much swamp gas as possible and transform into a globalist neocon.

I don't care how many Syrians were gassed. Really, I don't. That's not our war, that's not our business. Fuck Team America. It's not our job to police the world. It's not our job to initiate regime change in every stable, secular country in the Middle East.

We had to eliminate the secular regime in Afghanistan to beat the Russians so we let al Qaeda take power. We had to kill Saddam because he abandoned the petrodollar. Same with Gaddafi. Same with Assad! He didn't want to build Hitlery's oil pipeline so Team America has to get rid of him. Yugoslavia had to be bombed twice to Islamicise Bosnia and Kosovo. The US was involved with the Islamicisation of Lebanon and Iran. Team America sure hates secular governments and sure loves Islamist terrorists.

Assad absolutely did not use poison gas. Even if he did it's none of our business. Trump's pointless attack did nothing except alienate our allies - Russia and Assad - and ingratiate our enemies - ISIS, the "moderate rebels", and the Demonshit and Republicrat neocon chickenhawks.

Neil Gorsuch Rammed Through!

Thank God. Not everything Trump is doing is asinine, suicidal, and hypocritical.

The Demonshits tried to filibuster the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, so the Republicrats invoked the nuclear option and rammed him through in a 54-49.

Hell yeah! Someone who is allegedly an originalist and a textualist when it comes to interpreting the Constitution, meaning he goes by what is written, not by personal feewings. You know, like how the right to murder was hallucinated into the Constitution, even though it explicitly states, multiple times, that no one can be denied life without due process of law? Or how several judges said they feel it's the current year so marriage should be re-defined even though there was no basis in law for their decisions? Gorsuch, instead, is going to do his job rather than legislate from the bench.

The Supreme Court was so inconsequential that when Washington was designed there was no separate building for the court to convene in. The Supreme Court was so unimportant that they were relegated to the basement of the Capitol building. Then The Big D, FDR, came along and built the court a monumental edifice when he inflated their powers. FDR, and all the progressives who came after him, made the court into Congress II: Legislate Harder. He had so much blatantly illegal, unconstitutional junk he wanted to ram through that he gave the court powers it never had before, and gave them an imposing new headquarters to go with their new authoritah.

Gorsuch will now check that power. He could be in office for another 30 years or more. And when Ginsburg or one of the four other communists drops dead and needs to be replaced, another constitutionalist will be nuclear optioned through and then the progressives will lose for the next generation. Then we can actually start rebuilding America.