Sunday, January 22, 2017

Winston Churchill Repatriated

The prime minister is back in his rightful place. The bust of Winston Churchill was given to the United States by our greatest ally as a symbol of our union. The fiercely anti-British, anti-white, anti-Western, anti-Christian Maobama had the bust removed from the Oval Office and put in a box somewhere in a basement or warehouse. Americans and Britons felt disgusted by Maobama's action, but they didn't say anything because since Maobama materialised out of the ether in 2006 any and all criticism of him was equated with racialism, which is like kryptonite in the 21st century.

President Donald Trump immediately upon taking power had someone locate the bust and return it to the Oval Office where it belongs. Trump is not fueled by generational butthurt from his criminal grandfather who was rightfully imprisoned by the British in Kenya for breaking the law. Trump is fueled by righteousness for the union between the British and Americans and our commitments to one another. Trump loves Western civilisation, and he will do everything in his power to return to the West the respect and admiration it so rightfully deserves.